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“7 habits” is not a quick fix program!

The purpose is to learn to live your life in the most effective way, to achieve both
personal goals as well as professional goals.

A habit is the intersection of
knowledge (what to do?),
skill (how to do it?)
desire (wanting to do it?)

7 habits are common sense, but mind that common sense is not always common

The development of the 7 habits is the result of a study (1976) of popular success
literature of the past 2 centuries, of which the basic finding was
 150 years focus on character ethic (fidelity, respect, courage, service, etc.)

 Gradual shift to the personality ethic (techniques, technologies, etc.) (Model: “to seem
rather than to be”)

 However lately (in advanced information age) pragmatic survival forces us to go back to
the character ethic!

Inside out approach: first character, then techniques, this is the foundation of the
7 habits!

What is the background of the 7

What are the 7 habits?

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Habit 2: “Start with the End in Mind”

This habit is about the goal of our life. Our vision of the end. This
habit is about personal and purposeful leadership.

Ask yourself the question: “what is your life about?”

This habit is about the blueprint for the house, first design then start

If habit 1 “Be Proactive” is telling us “You are the programmer of
your own life”, then habit 2 is saying “write the program”.

This habit applies to everything we do, privately as well as

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