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Michael. A terracotta lunette (c. 1475) by Andrea
della Robbia. From The Metropolitan Museum
Art Bulletin, December 1961.

Maadim-one of 2 big stars (i.e., angels) that
Metatron pointed out to Moses in the 4th Heaven.
Maadim "stands near the moon in order to warm
the world from the cold," according to the
Revelatiotr of Moses.

Mach-an angel called up in Solomonic con-
juring rites for rendering the invocant invisible.

Machal-an angel invoked in the exorcism of
the Bat. [RJ Mathers, The Greater Key ofSolomon.]

Machasiel-in both Barrett, The Magus 11, and
de Abano, The Heptameron, one of the angels
invoked from the south. He resides in the 4th
Heaven and rules on Lord's Day. He is listed
ainong the intelligences of the sun. [RJ Malchus,
The Secret Grimoire of Turiel.]

Machatan (Machator, Macoton)-a Saturday
angel and ond of the powers of ' the spirits ;f
the air, sharing rulership with Uriel, Cassiel, and
Seraquiel, according to Barrett, The Magus; The
Ancient's Book $Magic; and other occult sources.

Machidiel ("fulness of God"--Malchidiel,
Malahidael, Malchedael, Melkeial, Melkejal, etc.)

-governing angel of the month of March; also
ruler of the zodiacal sign of Aries. [RJ Camfield,
A Theological Discourse clfAngels, p. 67.1 In Ettoch I
Machidiel is called Melkejal: he "rises and rules in
the beginning of the year" and exercises dominion
"for 91 days, from spring to summer." In cabalis-
tic writings, Machidiel (as Melchulael) is one of
4 angelic personifications of the holy sefira Malkut,
the other 3 personifications being Sandalphon,
Messiah, and Emmanuel. In grinloire conjurations,
Prince Machidiel (as he is referred to) may be
commanded to send the invocant the maiden of
his desire; and if the invocant will fix the time and
place, "the maiden invoked will not fail to

Mach(k)iel--one of the angelic guards of the
6th Heaven, according to listing in Pirke Hechaloth.
Machiel's pentacle is shown in Shah, Occultism,
p. 77.

Machmay-in Waite, The Lemegeton, an angel
of the 7th hour of the night, serving under

Machnia (Machnie1)-one of the 70 childbed

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[ I 8 0 1 M A C 0 T O N / M A L C H I E L

amulet angels. As Machniel he is an angelic guard
of the gates of the South Wind, according to
listing in Oxar Midrashim.

Macoton [Machatan]

Macroprosopus-in the cabala, the 1st of the
holy sefiuoth; he is the "God of concealed form."
[Cf: Microprosopus.]

Madagabiel-one of numerous angelic guards
of the gates of the North Wind. [Rf: Oxar
Midrashim 11, 316.1

Madan-an angel that exercises dominion over
the planet Mercury, as cited in Heywood, The
Hierarchy of the Bless2d Angels.

Madiel-in occult lore, a governing archangel
of the watery triplicity. He is a resident of the 1st
Heaven and is invoked from the east. [Rf: de
Abano, The Heptameron; Waite, The kmegeton.]
Madiel is the angel in Prokofieff's opera L'Ange
defeu. [See Angel of Fire.]

Madirniel (Madiniel, Madamie1)-one of 4
angels' names found inscribed on the 1st pentacle
of the planet Mars, the other 3 being Ithuriel,
Bartzachiah, and Eschiel. [Rf: Mathers, The
Greater Key ofsolomon.] In Mosaic lore, ~ a d i m i e l
is one of 7 princes "who stand continually before
God and to whom are given the spirit-names of
the planets." [Rf: Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books
of Occult Philosophy 111.1

Mador-in hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merk-
abah), an angelic p a r d stationed at the 4th
heavenly hall.

Madriel-an angel of the 9th hour of the day,
serving under Vadriel. [Rf: Waite, The Lemegeton.]

Mael-in occult lore, a ruling archangel of the
water triplicity (cf. Madiel). He is also one of the
intelligences of the planet Saturn. As a Monday
angel of the 1st Heaven, he may be invoked from
the north.

Magog [Gog and Magog]

Magirkon-one of the many names of the
angel Metatron.

Maguth-an angel of the air operating on
Thursday. Maguth is a minister to Suth, chief of
the air angels, all of whom are, in turn, subject to
the South Wind. [Rf: The Ancient's Book of Magic;
de Abano, The Heptameroil; Barrett, The Magus 11.1

Mah-in ancient Persian lore, the angel overseer
of the mutations of the moon. [Rf: Clayton,
Angelology .]

Mahadeo (Mahesh)-in Vedic lore, Mahadeo
(Siva) is one of 11 angels "with matted locks and
3 eyes" that represent symbolically the sun, moon,
and fire. Mahadeo also has (or had) 5 heads. [Rf:
The Dabistan, p. 189.1

Mahael and Mahalkiel-angels' names found
inscribed on an oriental charm (kamea) for.warding
off evil. [Rf: Schrire, Hebrew Amulets.]

Mahanaim ("double hosts')-when Jacob de-
parted from Haran, he was accompanied by a
double host ("Mahanaim") of angels, each host
numbering 600,000. The incident is told in Genesis
32. [ ~ f . Ginzberg, The Legends ofthe Jews I, 377.1

hiahananel-one of the numerous angelic
guards of the gates of the North Wind, as listed in
Ozar Midrashim 11, 316.

Mahariel ("swiftm)-an angel of Paradise
stationed at the 1st portal; he provides new souls
for the purified ones. [Rf. Ozar Midrashim I, 85.1

Mahashel-in the cabala, one of 72 angels
ruling the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the
zodiac. [Rf: Runes, The Wisdom ofthe Kabbalah.]

Mahasiah-one of 72 angels bearing the
mystical name of God Shemhamphorae. [Rf:
Barrett, The Magus 11.1

Mahish (Mahash)-in the Bhagavad Gita, a
mighty angel who, with Brahma .and Vishna,
sprang from one of the primary properties. [Rf:
The Dabistan, p. 178.1

Mahka'il-in Arabic lore, a !guardian angel
invoked in rites of exorcism. [Rf: Hughes, A
Dictionary of Islam, "Angels."]

Mahniel ("mighty campM)-another name for
"Azriel the Ancient." According to The Zohar

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About the Author

Gustav Davidson was the author and editor of a dozen books in drama, biog-
raphy, poetry, and angelology, serving as a consultant in the latter field to
Steuben Glass and the Kennedy Foundation. Poet, research bibliographer at
the Library of Congress, University Fellow (Wroxton College, England), Mr.
Davidson received many citations, prizes, and awards, including the Di
Castagnola Award. At his death in 1971, Davidson was Secretary Emeritus of
The Poetry Society of America.

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