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TitleAnimators Unearthed
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Skip Battaglia: Skip Man Motion
Chapter 2 Aaron Augenblick: Last Exit to Brooklyn
Chapter 3 Chris Landreth’s Psychorealism
Chapter 4 JibJab: Redefining the Toon
Chapter 5 PES Play
Chapter 6 Patrick Smith’s Twisted Catastrophes
Chapter 7 Visions of Joanna Priestley
Chapter 8 Barry Purves: The Puppetmaster
Chapter 9 Michaela Pavlátová’s Carnal Carnival
Chapter 10 Théodore Ushev: Man Called Aerodynamics
Chapter 11 Bob Sabiston: The Unanimator
Chapter 12 Bruce Alcock: The Storyteller
Chapter 13 The Tricks, Flies and Timing of Konstantin Bronzit
Chapter 14 Suzan Pitt: Dollhouses, Magic and Sexy Asparagus
Chapter 15 In the Dust and Moonlight of Don Hertzfeldt
Chapter 16 Chris Shepherd: Who He Is and What He Wants
Chapter 17 Run Wrake Ain’t No Meathead
Chapter 18 The Dreamworlds of Mait Laas
Chapter 19 John Canemaker: Confessions of an Animator
Chapter 20 Joanna Quinn: Beryl, Britannia and Bum- Wiping Bears

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