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Star of David.

So, on a plan of God, restored the integrity of the human personality, impaired Adam in paradise, and each

of the people - like Adam. "Climb into the soul" of man - the prerogative of the top sphere, so the spiritual

health of Adam - the case of the Lord God. He gives us the Beatitudes - Universal rules are updated to them

as our commitment to: the Old Testament commandment was, then - the New Testament, now -

Testament to Come.

Gradation of the individual spirit, that is the experience of living of any mental images are reflected in the

levels (layers) of the individual. This is - spiritual wealth. The lack of gradation of the spirit is the spirit of

statics, it is degrading, and, as a consequence - degrades human personality.

Is there any way out of this seemingly hopeless situation of degradation? There are: fill light outside world

inside. Then again, there is progress of personality, a man filled with knowledge and energies, there is

movement, there is a rhythm of life. And the rhythm cycles: second, minute, hour, winter, spring, summer,

fall, year, decade, century (century).

Inhaling and exhaling - also a special cycle of existence, and it is not easy - inhaled, exhaled. Because

communication is to be created. Should be arranged due to all people, all macro-objects, stars, planets, all

the structures, because we - part of the universe. That's what his father says.

Each grain of sand associated with the entire universe. That is, we must recognize its connection with the

entire universe. Here in this exhalation, which one does have to be knowledge that we are an integral part

of the wide world. We are in the world and the world within us. That is, there is a grain of sand in the

universe and the universe is in a grain of sand. That's what his father says.

At this stage of development, when a man reaches his spiritual body and the connection of heaven - it

becomes a tree, whose roots in the earth, and thoughts - in the sky. He is big and noticeable. Let's draw a

tree of life, which makes the light water of life, and through which the idea has no restrictions on

distributing the fruits of which - the new areas - equivalent to knowledge of the entire tree as his own

future, materialized in the present.

Tree of Life can be seen as follows:

Labyrinth - the root system of the tree;

Barrel - the way;

Crohn's evergreen - saved the world, the Heavenly Jerusalem.

What is the - the fifth element after the four elements: fire, water, air, earth.

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