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The findings which this study will reveal, may benefit

certain groups and the benefits they may be able to gain are as


students – this group may use this study as an example to

bear in their mind they are more luckier than those who are

bullied even life is very struggling because of economic

problems, they are still send in the school to learn by their

parents, thus will challenge to them and enabling them to

perform well in class, study harder to upgrade their knowledge

and intelligence so that the difficulties experienced by their

parents in sending them to school to attain their goals will not

be in vain.

Future Researchers / the Researchers themselves – the

finding of this study will be serving as a good source of

accurate and useful information for them.

The cost of educating a child is tremendous, it matters not

so much, how much our government spends for every child provided

that the child finishes the school year successfully. What is

deplorable to not is the enormous number of school leaves every

year. When a child leaves school before attaining functional

literacy, much of our effort, time and money go down the drain.

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