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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams


Cetified business analysis professional (CBAP) appliaction

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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

Question: 1
You are the business analyst for your organization. Gary and Janet, two key stakeholders in
the project, are in disagreement over a requirement for the type of software to be installed on
the server your solution calls for. What must happen in this instance before formal approval
can be offered?

A. The business analyst will need to make a decision on which requirement is most
B. Gary and Janet will need to determine who has seniority in the company to determine
which requirement takes precedence.
C. The conflict will need to be removed from the solution scope until Gary and Janet come to
a solution.
D. The conflict will need to be resolved through research, resolution, or through a third-party

Answer: D

Question: 2
You are the business analyst for the NHQ Organization. Management has asked that you
examine the workflow and internal processes for order fulfillment. Specifically they'd like you
to complete an in-depth analysis and documentation of the business problems and
opportunities that may be exist for the organization. What business analysis knowledge area
does this activity map to?

A. Requirements elicitation
B. Requirements management and communication
C. Enterprise analysis
D. Solution assessment and validation

Answer: C

Question: 3
Martha is observing Gary complete several activities as part of her requirements elicitation
process. Martha is simply observing the steps Gary takes to complete his work and she is
taking notes. In this instance Martha does not ask Gary any questions. What type of
observation technique is Martha completing?

A. Shadowing
B. Usage consideration
C. Active
D. Passive

Answer: D

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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

Question: 4
Paul is the business analyst for his organization. He is examining a single solution to
determine if the solution he and his team have identified carries enough business value to
justify its implementation. What business analysis process is Paul performing in this scenario?

A. Assess organizational readiness
B. Define transition requirements
C. Allocate requirements
D. Assess proposed solution

Answer: D

Question: 5
You are the business analyst for your organization and you are preparing to elicit the
requirements for a new business opportunity. Which one of the following statements best
describes the prepare for elicitation process?

A. You need authority granted to you from the sponsor to utilize resources for the elicit
requirements process.
B. You need to determine which elicitation techniques are needed for the requirements
gathering technique.
C. You need to receive permission from functional management to interview and elicit
requirements for the stakeholders.
D. You need to ensure all needed resources are organized and scheduled for conducting the
elicitation activities.

Answer: D

Question: 6
You are the business analyst for your organization and are working on a solution that will
connect several databases to a web application. You are concerned that the databases may
not be operable with the software solution a programmer is recommending. What
requirements elicitation technique can help you determine the interoperability of the software,
the databases, and the web application?

A. Interface analysis
B. Benchmarking
C. Usage considerations
D. Interviews

Answer: A

Question: 7
Donna is leading a brainstorming session for her organization. She has asked the participants

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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

in this group to come up with at least ten ideas for possible solutions to an identified problem.
What is the problem with setting the goal as ten ideas for possible solutions in this session?

A. The goal should be to come up with as many solutions as possible, not just ten ideas.
B. The goal should be to generate ten ideas within a set time period.
C. The goal should be to include everyone's input to the solutions.
D. The goal should be to come up with the best solution for the problem, not ten ideas.

Answer: A

Question: 8
You are hosting a collection of stakeholders from across the organization to identify the ideas
and attitudes about your company's help desk. You want the stakeholders to honestly share
their opinions about the help desk service so you can identify problems, solutions, and take
actions to improve the service. What type of requirements elicitation activity is this?

A. Workshop
B. Focus groups
C. Root cause analysis
D. Stakeholder analysis

Answer: B

Question: 9
You are the business analyst for your organization and are beginning the requirements
analysis processes. Which one of the following statements best describes the requirements
analysis processes?

A. It ensures that analysis and implementation efforts focus on the most critical requirements.
B. It covers the definition of stakeholder requirements, which describe what a solution must
be capable of doing.
C. It is conformity to requirements and a fitness for use.
D. It defines all of the work, and only the required work, to complete the project objectives.

Answer: B

Question: 10
What business analysis element tries to identify as many potential options as possible to meet
the business objectives and fill identified gaps in capabilities?

A. Ranking of approaches
B. Decision analysis
C. Alternative generation
D. Documentation of assumptions and constraints

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PassGuide CBAP - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

Answer: C

Question: 11
What business analysis plan defines the process to be followed in managing the solution
scope and requirements?

A. Requirements management plan
B. Project management plan
C. Change management plan
D. Scope management plan

Answer: A

Question: 12
You are the business analyst for your organization and are with another business analyst,
Steve, on the requirements elicitation for a new solution. You warn Steve that you'll need to
be tracing the requirements in an effort to prevent scope creep. What is scope creep?

A. The scope grows slightly larger as more requirements, often unneeded, are added to the
B. The scope slips on the schedule which in turn delays the project delivery date
C. Gold plating
D. The scope shifts from the original intent of the business case

Answer: A

Question: 13
Martha is observing Sarah complete several complex steps as part of her business analysis
requirements elicitation process. In this instance Martha working alongside Sarah is actually
helping Sarah complete the work so that Martha can understand all of the steps Sarah must
complete. What type of requirements elicitation technique is Martha using?

A. Shadowing
B. Active observation
C. Progressive elaboration
D. Cross training requirements elicitation

Answer: B

Question: 14
The requirements elicitation process requires that the business analyst and team prepare for
the requirements elicitation activities. There are three specific inputs that the business analyst
will need in preparing for the requirements elicitation. Which of the following is NOT one of the

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