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"Reputation Makers"


USA Tour LectureNotes


• The 15 Minutes No Mnemonic
Memorized Card System

• Voiceprint

• The Secret Weapon

• Two Minds but with one
Single Thought

• Sucker Billiard Ball Transposition

• Telephone Telepathy

• Signed Card Through Ribbon

• Super Memory

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Firstly, I would like to thank you for buying these notes. The effects have been truly tried and
tested hundreds of times amongst lay audiences.

I believe that good magic is simple magic. That is, I do not like effects where you have to
constantly be practicing difficult sleights as this puts undue pressure on you during the

You end up concentrating too much on executing the sleight and as a result your presentation
can suffer. Having said that of course I admire those who are dedicated and who have over
the years developed incredible skills.

Watching Lennart Green in action leaves me in absolute awe. I had the pleasure of spending
3 days with one of France's top card men Bernard Bilis last year in Bologna in Italy and he
simply left me speechless. These guys live with a deck of cards in their hands every waking

I spend most of my time trying to simplify every effect for maximum impact.

If you have any suggestions or improvements to any of the effects, I would like to hear from

May the force be with you.

Charles Gauci

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You place the ball under the silk and you hand them to the boy to hold with his hand outstretched
away from his body.

They will of course correct you as to the colour of the ball. You repeat the same thing with the
other ball and silk. This time you give them to the girl to hold.

You then say" I am now going to make the bafls change places" and you say the magic word

You then take the ball from the boy and you lift up the silk to peep at the ball and without showing
it you say, "yes the green ball is now here." You give it back to the boy to hold without showing it.

You then repeat the same thing with the girl. This time pretending that the blue ball is under the

Now you say with a smile on your face, "I am now going to do the impossible I am going to make
the two balls go back to their original places." You make some magical passes and state that now
the balls are back in the original positions.

You say to the boy, "what colour ball are you holding" and he will reply "Blue"
You say "are you sure" as you tell him to take the ball out of the silk. To his amazement the ball is
now black as you say, "we never had a blue ball"

You repeat the same thing with the girl as she discovers that she is now holding a red ball. You
then take the balls and silks from them and place them on the table.

Standing between them, you now take them by each hand lift their hands up in the air as you say,
"give them a clap boys and girts for being such good sports. "


Pick up the black silk and drape it over your arm. Pick up the "blue" ball and hold it against the
middle of the blue silk. Drape the blue silk over the ball.

Grip the gathered part of the balloon between your first and second fingers and
run your thumbnail hard across on the balloon. This will burst the balloon and it will gather
between your first and second fingers. Thumb palm it as you bring your hand out from under the

As you give the silk holding the ball to the boy, drop the burst balloon shell into your side pocket
or on the table behind some other apparatus as you reach for the other ball and silk. Repeat the
above with the other ball. After some by-play you pretend to make the balls go back to their
original positions.

Finally of course, the balls have mysteriously changed colour.


This is a good sucker effect. At the end, you are left with two ordinary billiard balls, which they
can examine because there is nothing to find. If the balloons are stretched properly, you can
show the balls as closely as 2 ft and they will look like they are ordinary billiard balls. You can
even knock the balls together and the sound is perfect as if they were ordinary balls.

Of course, there is plenty of opportunity of by-play because the audience thinks that you are
pulling their leg.


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Telephone Telepathy


Performer says "I am sure that most of you at some time or another have had this experience.
You could be reading a book and suddenly somebody comes to mind. An old friend, a relative or
an old business acquaintance. Someone you have not seen or talked to for years.

Within the next few days, you get a letter, a card or a phone call from that very same person. You
say to him. What a strange co-incidence. I was only thinking of you the other day.

The question I put to you ladies and gentlemen is, was it a co-incidence or was that person
thinking of you so intently at that time that you picked up hislher thoughts?

I would like to try an experiment along these lines. I have found a person who under certain
conditions has displayed psychic powers. His name is Jim Davis and I am going to write his name
and phone number on this card.

I will place the card on the table. "

Performer asks for someone to help him and taking the deck out of the case he shuffles it and
gives that person the cards face down.

He says, "In a moment I want you to start dealing the cards face down one at a time on the table
in front of you. Make sure that nobody sees the cards as you deal them face down. "

After some 10 cards have been dealt the performer says, "as the cards are being dealt I want
someone to call stop at any time, and to deal the next card face down aside from the others. "

The assistant begins to deal the cards and someone calls out "stop. "

Performer says "Are you happy with that card? Would you like to continue dealing? It is up to

Once they acknowledge that they are happy with the selection you say, "Give me the rest of the
cards and I shall place them back in the case out of the way.

Now, please pass the last card dealt face down to me so that nobody sees it. "

The performer looks at the card and concentrates on it for a moment. He then shows the card to
the person next to him and asks him to remember it and to write down the name of the card and
ensure that nobody sees what he is writing.

He then returns the card face down to the person that had dealt the cards. He tells him to insert
the card somewhere in the middle of the cards and to give the cards a thorough shuffle. He then
tells him to pass the cards around the table so that everybody in turn shuffles the cards.

He says that at this stage only two people know the identity of the card.

He says that in a moment he wants someone to call his assistant on the phone and to start calling
out loud the names of the cards that he is holding so that his assistant at the other end of the


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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

1 90 2H JH 8C 60 3D KO 4H 3S 100 AS 100
2 8C 3H 9S 3H 2C 3H 7H 3H 2C 3H QO 3H
3 KH AC SO 7D 7H 2S 9S 8C 7H SC 7C SC
4 3S 6S QC 6S 9S 6S 50 6S 9S 6S JH 6S
5 100 7H 4H 10C SO 7D QC KH 50 QH 2S QH
6 2C 90 AS 90 QC 90 4H 90 QC 90 60 90
7 7H 7S 60 KH 4H 9C AS 3S 90 4S 10C 4S
9 SO 100 8H 3S KH QH JC 100 QH AD SS AD

10 QC 2H KS 2H 3S 2H 8H 2H 4S 2H 90 2H
11 4H KC 3D 60 100 AS 8C 2C AD 6C KC 6C
12 AS 5S 10C 5S AD 5S KH 5S 6C 5S 4H 5S
13 60 3H 2H 9C 6C 40 3S 7H JH JC 8S JH
14 JC 80 7S 80 JH 80 100 80 8S 80 QO 80
15 8H 6S 90 QH 8S 7C 2C 9S KO 8H 3C 3S
17 3D 90 QH 2S 3C 10H AD SO 10H KS JS 8C
18 10C AH 4S AH 10H AH 6C AH 2S AH 20 AH
19 2H QC AD SO 2S KS JH QC 8C 3D 6C KH
20 7S 4S 6C 4S AS 4S 8S 4S KH 4S 10H 4S
21 90 2H JH 8C 60 3D KO 4H 3S 100 AS 100
22 5C 70 8S 70 JC 70 3C 70 100 70 50 70
23 QH SS KO JH 8H 6C 10H AS 2C 2S 9C 2C
24 4S 10C 3C 10C KS 10C 2S 10C 7H 10C KH 10C
25 AD 80 10H AS 3D 7H KS 6C 9S 7S 4S 7S
26 6C KH 2S KH 10C KH 3D KH 50 KH 80 KH
27 JH JC 3S 40 2H QS 10C JO QC SC QC SC
28 8S 3S 100 3S 7S 3S 2H 3S 4H 3S 3H 3S
29 KO AH 2C 7C 90 SC 7S 8H AS QH 7S QS
30 3C 7H 60 5C 60 90 60 60 JO
31 10H 8C QH SC KS 4S

Even Months-Even Dates


Page 29

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug 5ep Oct Nov Dec

1 8C 3H 95 3H 2C 3H 7H 3H 2C 3H QO 3H
2 KH AC 50 7D 7H 25 95 8C AH 5C 7C KO
3 35 65 QC 65 95 65 50 65 95 65 JH 65
4 100 7H 4H 10C 50 7D ac KH 50 QH 25 AH
5 2C 90 A5 90 QC 90 4H 90 QC 90 60 90
6 7H 75 60 KH 4H 9C A5 35 90 4S 10C 45
7 95 QC JC QC 8C QC 60 QC 5C QC AH QC
8 50 100 8H 35 KH QH JC 100 QH AO 55 AO
9 QC 2H K5 2H 35 2H 8H 2H 45 2H 90 2H

10 4H KC 30 60 100 A5 8C 2C AO 6C KC 6C
11 A5 55 10C 55 AD 55 KH 55 6C 55 4H 55
12 60 3H 2H 9C 6C 40 35 7H JH JC 85 JH
13 JC 80 75 80 JH 80 100 80 85 80 QO 80
14 8H 65 90 QH 85 7C 2C 95 KO 8H 3C 35
15 K5 JC 5C JC KO JC 7H JC 3C JC 7H JC
16 30 90 QH 25 3C 10H AO 50 10H K5 J5 8C
17 10C AH 45 AH 10H AH 6C AH 25 AH 20 AH
18 2H QC AD 50 25 K5 JH QC 8C 3D 6C KH
19 75 45 6C 45 A5 45 85 45 KH 45 10H 45
20 90 2H JH 8C 60 30 KO 4H 35 100 A5 105
21 5C 70 85 70 JC 70 3C 70 100 70 50 70
22 QH 55 KO JH 8H 6C 10H A5 2C 25 9C 2C
23 45 10C 3C 10C K5 10C 25 10C 7H 10C KH 10C
24 AO 80 10H A5 3D 7H K5 6C 95 75 4S 75
25 6C KH 25 KH 10C KH 3D KH 50 KH 80 KH
26 JH JC 35 40 2H Q5 10C JO QC 5C QC 9C
27 85 35 100 35 75 35 2H 35 4H 35 3H 35
28 KO AH 2C 7C 90 5C 75 8H A5 QH 75 Q5
29 3C 50 7H 50 5C 50 90 50 60 50 JO 50
30 10H 8C 8H QH 95 5C K5 45 2C
31 25 KH 45 QH 85 80

Even Months-Odd Dates

I suggest that you photocopy the four charts and laminate them. Then cut them in half and bind
them with tape so that they will open like a book Cut them down the line between May and June.
It does not matter that they are not folded exactly in half.

Do not of course include the prompt (name) for each card, as this would raise suspicion

I have not gone into any depth regarding the patter, as most people would prefer to work out a
presentation that suits them.


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