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Formulating High-Quality
Coatings with Celatom®
Functional Additives

round the world, makers of
high-quality architectural
and industrial coatings have

of Celatom® diatomaceous
earth (DE), also known

as diatomite or kieselgühr. In most
industrially-developed regions, DE is used
in the majority of high-quality interior and
exterior formulations. In recent years, strong
economic growth and booming construction
markets in developing countries have
attracted the attention of major international
paint companies. They have acquired local
companies and invested heavily in modern
facilities and advertising, in markets
that were traditionally served by local or
regional paint producers. In response, local
producers are seeking to increase the quality
of their products to remain competitive.
In many cases, Celatom® DE has been an
important component of their new high-
performance formulations.

This guide is intended primarily for those
coatings chemists who are not experienced
with the use of DE. It will provide an
explanation of the functions of DE in coatings,
a comparison of DE to other minerals, and
some sample formulations that may serve as
starting points for product development and
testing. EP Minerals® also has a dedicated
coatings formulation and testing laboratory,
with the capability to assist our customers with
their development programs.


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Interior Acrylic (PVC = 65%)
Partial Replacement of Calcined Clay and Ground CaCO3

Replace 25 parts of CaCO• 3 carbonate and 25 parts of calcined clay with 25 parts of Celatom® MW-25
(by weight)

Improved flatting (decreased sheen and gloss)•
Equivalent hiding power (opacity)•
Slight improvement in scrub and burnish resistance•

Paint Properties

Paint ID Without MW-25 With MW-25

Density (kg per liter) 1.400 1.361

Stormer, KU 107 110

ICI, poise 2.056 2.135

Grind 4 3.5

Film Properties
Gloss, 20° 1.2 1.2

Gloss, 60° 1.9 1.7

Sheen, 85° 1.2 0.9

Contrast Ratio, 3-mil film 0.978 0.964

L* 95.94 96.7

a* -0.77 -0.74

b* 3.03 3.24

Scrub resistance, cycles 350 396

Burnish resistance
Initial 85° 1.9 1.4
85° after burnish 4.4 2.9

% Increase in gloss after burnish 131.6 111.3


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Paint ID Without MW-25 With MW-25

Ingredients Grams Grams
Water 172.0 172.0
Natrosol Plus 0.5 0.5

Diwcil 75 2.0 2.0

Drewplus Y-381 1.2 1.2
Tamol 731 5.4 5.4
Trycol 7000 2.8 2.8
PK-80 2.4 2.4

Mix at low speed for 10 minutes
Tiona 595 175.0 175.0
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 175.0 150.0
Glomax 125.0 100.0
Celatom® MW-25 - 25.0
Attegal 50 5.0 5.0
Texanol 12.9 12.9
Water 100.0 100.0

Grind at high speed for 10 minutes
Ucar 367 PVA 175.0 175.0
Drewplus Y-381 2.0 2.0

Add the grind here
Water 110.0 110.0
Natrosol Plus 1.6 1.6

Ammonium Hydroxide 1.6 1.6
Drewplus Y-381 3.6 3.6
Aquaflow 300 8.0 8.0
Aquaflow 220 15.0 15.0
Water 45.0 45.0

Letdown at low speed for 10 minutes
Total 1141 1116

Interior Acrylic
Partial Replacement of Clay and Ground CaCO3

Sample Formulations


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Ingredient Purpose Supplier
AMP 95 Dispersant Dow Chemical

Aquaflow 220 Rheology Modifier Aqualon

Aquaflow 300 Rheology Modifier Aqualon

Aromatic 150 Fluid Retarder Solvent Exxon Mobil

Attagel 50 (Attapulgite Clay) Thickener BASF

Cymel 303FL Melamine Cross Linking Agent Cytec Industries, Inc.

Diafil 575 (Diatomite) Extender World Minerals

Dowanol PMA Dibasic Ester Dow Chemical

Drew L-495 Defoamer Rohm and Haas Co

Drewplus Y-381 Defoamer Rohm and Haas Co

Eastman CAB 551-0.2 Cellulose Ester Eastman Chemical Company

Glomax LL (Calcined Clay) Extender Imerys

Imsil A15 (Silica) Pigment Unimin

Minusil 30 (Silica) Extender US Silica

Nacure 1051 Sulphonic Acid Catalyst King Industries

Natrosol 330 Plus Thickener Aqualon

Nopocide N96 Fungicide Cognis

Omya Carb 8 (Calcium Carbonate) Filler Omya

Optifilm Enhancer 400 Retarder Solvent Eastman Chemical Company

PM Acetate Solvent Eastman Chemical Company

Polymac 220-1001 Saturated Polymer Resin Hexion Specialty Chemicals

Propylene Glycol Solvent Dow Chemical

Rhoplex ML 200 Waterborne Acrylic Binder Rohm and Haas Co

Sericron 3M (Talc) Extender SMI

Strodex PK-80 Phosphate Ester Surfactant Hercules

Strodex PL 95G Phosphate Ester Surfactant Hercules

Tamol 731 Dispersant Rohm and Haas Co

Texanol Coalescent Eastman Chemical Co

Ti Pure 746 (TiO2) Pigment Dupont

Triton X-100 Non-ionic Surfactant Rohm and Haas Co

Trycol 7000 Surfactant Cognis

Ucar 367 PVA Polyvinyl Resin Dow Chemical

The table below lists the suppliers of the various
trademarked ingredients used in the sample formulations:


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