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PRODUCT CODE : 741000008 (Cold Storage)
215001001 (Ice Blocks)

QUALITY AND STANDARDS : (a) The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection,
Govt of India, Ministry of Rural and
Employment, is regulating Cold Storage
industry under Cold Storage Order, 1980
promulgated under Essential Commodities
Act, 1955 all over India except in the States
of UP, West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana.

(b) For Ice Blocks BIS Specification No. IS 3957

PRODUCTION CAPACITY : Cold Storage -4000 MT (per annum)
Ice Blocks -7500 MT (per annum)

MONTH AND YEAR : May, 2003

PREPARED BY : Small Industries Service Institute,
Industrial Area -B,
Ludhiana-141 003
Phone : 0161-2531733-34-35
Fax : 0161-2533225
E. Mail: [email protected]


Cold Storage is a special kind of
room, the temperature of, which is kept
very low with the help of machines and
precision instruments. India is having a
unique geographical position and a wide
range of soil thus producing variety of
fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes,
oranges, potatoes, chillies, ginger, etc.
Marine products are also being produced
in large quantities due to large coastal
areas. The present production level of
fruits and vegetables is more than 100
million MT and keeping in view the
growth rate of population and demand,
the production of perishable commodities
is increasing every year. The cold storage

facilities are the prime infrastructural
component for such perishable
commodities. Besides the role of
stabilizing market prices and evenly
distributing both on demand basis and
time basis, the cold storage industry
renders other advantages and benefits
to both the farmers and the consumers.
The farmers get opportunity of producing
cash crops to get remunerative prices.
The consumers get the supply of
perishable commodities with lower
fluctuation of prices. Commercially
apples, potatoes, oranges are stored on
large scale in the cold storages. Other
important costly raw materials like dry
fruits, chemicals, essences and
processed foods like fruit juice/pulp,


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