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Some say, and we agree, that symbols are the language
of the deep mind. Dreams are an example of this deep
mind language communicat ion. Humans react and relate
to symbols more easily and rapidly then they do to the
wr i t ten or spoken word. This is because our subconscious
communicates th rough a specialized form of symbolic
language. Thus, using symbols allows us to communicate
wi th our own and others' deep subconscious minds more
effectively than most other modes of communicat ion.

Symbols can take the form of any medium that
stands for or suggests something else. For example, the
lion is often used to represent courage. Symbols can also
be objects, sounds, colors, aromas, or actions representing
something to the unconscious mind, and having subjective
cultural significance and the capacity to excite or objectify
a response.

There are m a n y different types of symbols to choose
from. The symbols that have been constructed from your
subconscious wil l prove to be more "powerful" than any
other symbols that you may choose to use. This is because
such symbols speak directly to your subconscious, as they
were formed and created there. For example an image of

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