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TitleCredit+Transaction reviewer
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                            If the above requisites concur, the bailee has the right of retention for damages.
Effect of Repeat Payment by debtor: (Art 2070)
	PLEDGE (Arts 2093 – 2123)
	REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE (Articles 2124-2131)
		ANTICHRESIS (Articles 2132 -2139)
		1. Bring an action for specific performance; or
		2. Petition for the sale of the real property as in a foreclosure of mortgages under Rule 68 of the Rules of Court.(Art 2137)
		The parties, however, may agree on an extrajudicial foreclosure in the same manner as they are allowed in contracts of mortgage and pledge (Tavera vs. El Hogar Filipino, Inc., 68 Phil 712).
		A stipulation authorizing the antichretic creditor to appropriate the property upon the non-payment of the debt within the agreed period is void (Art 2088).
		CHATTEL MORTGAGE (Articles 2140-2141)

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