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TitleDa'ath: A simplified method
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Da'ath: a simplified method

"Hippeastrum equestre (red): Impacts abdominal organs, especially
pancreas; assists detox of appendix, tonsils; cleanses mucous lining of
lower bowel. Detoxes energy body through clarifying and releasing
disjointed energies. Empowers throat chakra." –Source Hummingbird

My quest to offer a simplified and comprehensive methodology to access da'ath or the
infernal realms (insert spooky score) has been one of those projects that has taken on a
life of its own. It’s been over eight years now give or take.

I figured I would finish this basic exposition of a simplified method, *the* only method as
it appears, which is the core of the 6 yoga's of Tibet, and the basis for realizing the 72
spiritual abilities. A set of siddhi's specific and exclusive to the system.

That being said, Tibetan Buddhism is not Tibetan nor even Buddhist. Its origins are in
Bon or Mongolian buryat shamanism, which is the root of Chinese medical qigong.
Essentially it is not dissimilar to Thunder magic and the worship of baleful stars.

Consequently I will for the time being reference two passages from Naropa's Six yoga's
of Tibet which are of interest. This all started a few days ago when I was using google
images for structural links and I came across this image:

When I looked at the image I noticed something that piqued my interest. On the lower
right hand side we see the appendix. This relates to a side project that I am finishing up
that is a series of several blogs. I decided to finish this first, because it will be uploaded
to scribd with All rights reserved copyright.

The project concerns Qlippoth and a flower essence for understanding of Western
magick, Moon magic, the Quabballah. One of the sephiroth is Yesod. I saw it described
when doing research on the shadow tarot, as a "lower throat".

Yesod is the Lower throat. The proper structural link to the upper throat, the core of the
system. Before I go further into the simplified methodology, let’s review some of the
issues concerning esoteric anatomy and western anatomy.

We have to go back to "research" done by Mr. Wang. You can luckily find a free text
version of the unremarkable document in English here:

For those unfamiliar with his work, Mr. Wang is supposed to have taught himself
anatomy and physiology by looking at the cadavers mutilated by wild dogs. Which we
now understand these days as to mean that there is a serial killer in the neiborhood.

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