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Delawarr 9 Complete
Posted on November 2, 2011 by josephmax

After much burning of midnight oil,

my recreation/upgrading of the classic Delawarr 9 radionics box is complete.

The device is based on the original Delawarr unit, a example of which can be

found on the Bakken Museum website. Kudos to the Bakken for publishing the

photos of the exterior and interior of the device. And my thanks to Peter at

Intuitive Earth for information on operation of the unit, and to Tigrincs in

Hungary who provided me with an operation manual for Delawarr equipment.

Interior of the Delawarr 9

Delawarr devices seem to be basic resistance-based systems, with an interesting

feature – rotating magnets. The photo from the Bakken collection shows a short

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 In order to connect the wires to the potentiometers, you will need to Solder. For
a beginner with no electronics experience, this is often a stumbling block. You
can get hold of cheap soldering irons on the internet. You will only need
something rated at 25-30W. Get yourself a book on soldering for beginners, and
a reel of silver based solder. It really is quite easy to do, and once you learn this
new skill you can use it for future projects.If this still puts you off, there is a
product called “Wire glue” which will literally allow you to glue the wires to the
potentiometers and plates. Failing that you could use some electrical tape. I
wouldn’t advocate this, but it is possible as a last resort.

 You will also need some type of box to mount everything in. Charles Cossimano
suggests a shoe box. This can work well if you are on a budget. Personally, I use
wooden boxes where possible. However, if you really have to, an ABS plastic
box will work o.k.

 In order to mount the potentiometers. You will require a drill, and selection of
drill bits.

 Finally; x4 bolts x8 washers, and at least four nuts. To top this off three
potentiometer dials. Again, these are available from places such as Ebay, and
Radio Shack, etc.

Once you have all your components you can begin to build to the above diagram. You
should have chosen an enclosure/box which will allow you enough room to mount
everything on one surface, usually the top. If it doesn’t, not to worry; some people will
mount the plates on the top surface, and the dials on one of the sides to make more

It’s quite simple from here on in. Use your intuition, and build an instrument which you
find visually and aesthetically appealing, as this will increase its potential. You are
imbuing the device with your own power, use it wisely.

This information is free to copy and distribute. All I ask as my copyright condition is
that you attribute the work back to These posts and diagrams take a
great amount of work, and it is saddening when people abuse the work of others. This is
why I am being forced to watermark all of my intellectual properties. Thank you for


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