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Title[Edward Fry] Time for Kids Nonfiction Comprehensi(
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                            Shell Education
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Table of Contents
Standards Correlations
Lesson 1: Racing a Tornado
Lesson 2: The Great Pumpkin Hunt
Lesson 3: Lessons of the Rain Forest
Lesson 4: Secrets of the Giant Squid
Lesson 5: Great Ball of Fire!
Lesson 6: Dino Eggs by the Dozen
Lesson 7: Antarctic Shipwreck!
Lesson 8: Sharks: Under Attack!
Lesson 9: Special Delivery
Lesson 10: A Spooky Friend
Lesson 11: Back to the Moon!
Lesson 12: The Friendliest Firehouse
Lesson 13: Marching Through the Marsh
Lesson 14: Rings Around Jupiter
Lesson 15: Save Our Streams
Lesson 16: Food for Thought
Lesson 17: Florida Kids Crush Out Smoking
Lesson 18: China’s Dam is a Good Idea
Lesson 19: A Dangerous Road to Freedom
Lesson 20: The Wolf Packs Are Back
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