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TitleFinal Year report on EPABX system
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Project SPBX Final Report

FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore



We would like to thank our respected internal faculty advisor Mr. Aftab Alam for his

continuous support and guidance throughout the project. We also appreciate the

confidence shown by him on our team.

We would also love to acknowledge the support, guidance and help by our external

advisor Mr. Asad Gill. He helped and taught us the basic ideas of voice over IP. He also

helped us in formulizing the ideas of project into reality.

We also acknowledge the efforts and contributions of our project manager Mr.Yasir

Aleem towards this project. In spite of his short stay with us, he guided us very efficiently

and his advices helped us to produce more fruitful and better results.

Team Project PBX


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Project SPBX Final Report

FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore


Number Module / Task Name


Dial call/Place a call, Call conference, Call transfer, Call

Record(Soft Phone )


Phone book service/Search person‟s number, add person‟s

number(Soft Phone )


Soft phone configuration module/Soft phone

Configuration(Soft Phone )

4 Register user/Registering user to the PBX(Soft Phone )

5 Call detail reporting/Call information(Soft PBX)

PBX configuration module/PBX configuration(Soft PBX)

7- Admin Login(PBX)

8- Create dial plan(PBX)

9.7 Features not to be tested

Call hold/Call hold, Talking to another user during call hold(Soft Phone )

Missed calls/View missed calls(Soft Phone )

Receive a call/receive call, Terminate a call(Soft Phone )



Sip engine generator(Soft PBX)

Call recording/Record call(Soft PBX)

9.8 Strategy

For each test type following strategy will be followed.

9.9 Functional Testing

The purpose of functional testing is to reveal defects related to the component‟s

functionality. It aims to assist in ensuring that the item under test conforms to the source


We would be doing this testing to identify the errors in the beginning and errors in the

beginning are easier to find rather than catching them in later stages.

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