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 Review the availability of suitable fire alarm and detection system.
 Review the availability of suitable fire fighting facilities, such as hydrants,

sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.
 Evaluate passive fire protection systems provided.
 Evaluate the general awareness of occupants and security personnel on

matters relating to fire safety and rescue operations.
 Evaluate the training and instructions on fire safety imparted to the

employees and occupants.
 Testing of all fire safety equipment and systems.


Fire safety inspections are a check of all fire safety procedures, installations and

records within a building structures to determine compliance with appropriate

legislation and regulation. A fire safety inspection helps to ensure that the owners

and occupiers of buildings are meeting their responsibilities under the legislation,

that buildings are fitted with correct fire safety installations required by the fire

safety standard, and that these fire safety installations are maintained in an

operational condition. Thus, building occupiers are required to ensure that all fire

safety installations in their building are maintained in accordance with fire safety

regulations / codes prevailed from time to time. The occupiers are also required to

keep records of maintenance of their fire safety installations in the building. The

fire safety inspection will involve an inspection of the building’s fire safety

installations and an inspection of the maintenance records for each of the fire

safety installations in the building.

Normally, the inspection checklist will be completed during the inspection of the

property and the owner / occupier will receive, a copy of the completed checklist

signed by the inspecting officer. If no problems are found to exit, the inspection is

complete. Where it is found that the building does not comply with legislative

requirements or that fire safety systems have not been correctly maintained, the

faults will be noted on the inspection report together with the action required by

the owner / occupier and the time by which the owner / occupier must have faults

corrected. Fire safety inspection is a visual check of fire safety in a building using

a standard fire safety inspection checklist of legislative requirements. The

Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Safety Services, has framed a fire safety checklist

for buildings, which covers many areas such as the ownership, structural details,

active and passive fire protection installations of the building, fire prevention and

awareness measures to be followed, etc.

The checklist recommended by the Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services are

only a sample and if necessary, it can be extended to include many other areas.

Fire Safety inspections are generally carried out by the qualified officers of the

local fire brigade or an agency authorized by the local fire brigade or fire safety

consultants. For example, in Maharashtra, fire safety inspections of the buildings

are carried out by the ‘Licensed Agency’, approved by the Directorate of Fire


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