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Table of Contents
	Are You Stuck?
	Part 1
		Getting Ourselves Unstuck
chapter 1
	Know Thyself
chapter 2
	Where Are You Going?
chapter 3
	Flexibility and Reinforcement
chapter 4
	Triggers and Payoffs
	part 2
		Getting Our Clients Unstuck
chapter 5
	The Reluctant Client
chapter 6
	Help Clients Stay on Track
chapter 7
	Values Traps
chapter 8
	Polite Interruptions
chapter 9
	“I Just Want to Get Rid of It!”
chapter 10
	Sticky Thoughts
chapter 11
	Stuck on Self
chapter 12
	Motivate the Unmotivated
chapter 13
	Difficult Dilemmas
chapter 14
	Hold Ourselves Kindly

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