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stage the book has been adapted into two musical versions, Scarlett and Gone with the Wind. The

Japanese Takarazuka Revue produced a musical adaptation of the novel. There has also been a

French musical adaptation by Gérard Presgurvic, Autant en Emporte le Vent.

[edit] Sequels

Although Mitchell refused to write a sequel to Gone with the Wind, Mitchell's estate authorized

Alexandra Ripley to write a sequel, which was titled Scarlett.

The book was subsequently

adapted into a television mini-series in 1994.

A second sequel was authorized by Mitchell's

estate titled Rhett Butler's People, by Donald McCaig.

The novel parallels Gone with the

Wind from Rhett Butler's perspective.

The copyright holders of Gone with the Wind attempted to suppress publication of The Wind

Done Gone by Alice Randall,

which retold the story from the perspective of the slaves. A

federal appeals court denied the plaintiffs an injunction (Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin) against

publication on the basis that the book was parody and therefore protected by the First

Amendment. The parties subsequently settled out of court and the book went on to become a

New York Times Best Seller.

A book sequel unauthorized by the copyright holders, The Winds of Tara by Katherine


was blocked from publication in the United States. The novel was republished in

Australia, avoiding U.S. copyright restrictions.

Numerous unauthorized sequels to Gone with the Wind have been published in Russia, mostly

under the pseudonym Yuliya Hilpatrik, a cover for a consortium of writers. The New York Times

states that most of these have a "Slavic" flavor.


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