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Table of Contents
Foreword from Shane
Player’s Guide
	The Great Spirit War
	Judgment Day
	The Wasted West
	Who’s Who?
	The Harvest
Makin’ Heroes
	Making Characters
	New Hindrances
	New Edges
	Gear Notes
	Gear List
	Pimp My Ride!
Setting Rules
	Counting Coup
	Ghost Storms
No Man’s Land
	Toxic Shamans
Marshal’s Handbook
	Weird Weather
	Veteran o’ the Wasted West
	The Harrowed
	Fear Levels
The Wasted West
	East of the Mississippi
	Great Basin
	The Great Maze
	The Great Northwest
	High Plains
	The Sioux Nations
	Lower Mississippi and Delta
	The Wild Southwest
	The Coyote Wasteland
Monsters & Misfits
	Character Sheet
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Page 2

Hell on Earth Reloaded Written by: Shane Lacy Hensley, Teller, and Clint Black
Original Hell on Earth Written by: Shane Lacy Hensley, John Hopler, Teller,

John M. Goff, and many others
Layout & Graphic Design: Aaron Acevedo, Simon Lucas, and Joel Kinstle

Art by: Aaron Acevedo, Chris Bivins, Mike Burns, Jim Crabtree, James Denton, Bartłomiej Fedyczak, Bien
Flores, Alberto Foche, Tom Fowler, Liz Green, Darnell Johnson, Johan Lindroos, Chris Malidore , Mauro

Mussi, Paolo Parente, Angel Rams, Jose Maria Reyes, Alida Saxon, Carly Sorge, Tomasz Tworek, and
Cheyenne Wright

Character Sheet by: Cheyenne Wright
Cover By: Carmen Cianelli

Proofing by: Piotr Korys, Marguerite Kenner, Clint and Jodi Black, Matthew Cutter, and Scott Woodard
Playtesting and Advice: Clint & Jodi Black, Simon Lucas, Piotr Korys, Evil Mike, Chaos Steve,

Jay & Amy Kyle

Shane’s Dedication: To Teller, for his infinite patience and enthusiasm.
One day, my friend, you will be the Warlord of the Wastelands.

Teller’s Dedication: To Shane, Michelle, Charlie, John, ‘Shroom, and all
the great folks who made the original Wasteland game come alive.

© 2012 Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Deadlands, Hell on Earth, the Weird West, the Wasted West,
the Way Out West, Savage Worlds and all related original characters, marks and logos are

trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. All rights reserved.
Produced under license by Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. The Studio 2 logo is a trademark of

Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. © 2012. All rights reserved. Printed in China.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Printing Permission for PDFs

Page 104


One more thing—it’s rare a manitou
Harrows an Extra� Don’t bother dealing
cards for those folks� On the rare occasion
a manitou can do a lot of damage with an
Extra’s rotting corpse, just assume it goes
ahead and hops on that gory gravy train�

HitCHHiker froM Hell
Now that you’ve saddled one of your

heroes with a manitou, what do you do with
him? For the most part, just let the hero go
on as he did before he died� Manitous don’t
generally interfere in a hero’s day to day life�
It’s just not interested in whether he orders
whiskey or beer, for example� That said, if
a manitou sees an opportunity to spread a
little fear around, it’ll jump on it faster than
you can say “shiny new flesh puppet�”

Just remember a manitou won’t knowingly
endanger its host, because if a Harrowed
dies, the manitou dies along with him�

Once the manitou decides it’s time to
come out and play, here’s how you do it� First,
you have to ante up a Benny� Once you’ve
paid the piper from Hell, tell the hero to
make a Spirit roll opposed by the manitou’s
Spirit (a manitou’s Spirit is always one die
type greater than the Harrowed’s), and make
sure the Harrowed applies his Dominion
modifier to this roll� If the manitou wins,
adjust the hero’s Dominion as described
on page 73� Oh, and the manitou’s in charge,
too� The manitou keeps control for 1 hour�
You can spend an additional Benny at the
end of each hour the manitou is in control
to keep the manitou in charge for another

Now that the manitou’s in charge, just

what does he do with the poor waster’s
body? Whatever he wants, Marshal� Just
remember manitous aren’t stupid, and
they’re very conscious of getting caught
and killed for their misdeeds�

That in mind, a manitou’s goal is chaos,
mischief, and fear, but not necessarily death�
They almost never make an outright attack,

instead preferring to rely on dirty tricks
and subtle machinations� But if one of the
Harrowed’s companions is in a precarious
and inescapable position, most manitous
won’t be able to resist taking advantage�

For example, if a mad scientist friend of
the Harrowed’s stands looking over the edge
of a deep pit full of hungry prairie ticks, no
manitou could resist giving the poor fellow
a little shove�

tHe sliPPery sloPe
Once a Harrowed hero starts losing

Dominion, he begins down a slippery slope�
For now, he may just lose control for an
hour or two� However, if the Harrowed’s
Dominion is at –4, the manitou might have
a chance to take permanent control�

Anytime the Harrowed goes to the
Injury Table (and isn’t killed by a shot to
the noggin) when he’s at –4 Dominion, the
manitou may attempt to take permanent
control� This works like the more temporary
process described above, except that if
the Harrowed loses, it’s for keeps� You just
gained a rotten new villain, Marshal!

HarroWed abilities
We mentioned it above in passing, but

it bears repeating: manitous have all the
abilities of their host� If a Harrowed syker
loses Dominion, the manitou gets to take
advantage of his mental powers� The only
exceptions to this are powers of Doomsayers,
Templars, or Toxic Shamans�

That doesn’t mean, however, the hero
can’t use these abilities while he’s in charge�
Despite the demon squirming around inside
his noggin, whatever allows the hero to
manifest these extraordinary abilities still
allows the wasters access to these powers
when his Hellish houseguest is not in the
driver’s seat�

Just as manitous can use a Harrowed’s
abilities, they cannot use any abilities the
Harrowed lacks� A manitou is limited to the
same bag of tricks as the hero he inhabits�

Page 105


deal in specific locations� Unless noted
otherwise, assume locations found in a
region share the region’s Fear Level�

fear level 0
This is a place where people live in happy

communities complete with freshly painted
houses with white picket fences, the trees
are green, the sky is blue, and folks aren’t
afraid to go out at night� If you find one of
these places these days, let me know�

fear level 1
In these areas, wasters believe monsters

exist, they just haven’t seen any� The sky
is still blue, but if you go out at night, it’s
smart to bring a buddy and some spare

fear level 2
No one goes near the creepy old ruins

on top of the hill, and they’ve bricked up
the sewers “just in case�” The land looks
about the same, but the shadows are just a
little bit longer� It’s not really safe to go out
alone at night, but it’s not a death sentence,

fear level 3
Things are starting to get a little weird�

There’s an occasional disappearance, and
probably more than a few weird creatures
live close by (though folks don’t really talk
about it)� Don’t go out at night without a
weapon or a friend� This is the general
prevailing Fear Level in most places these

fear level 4
There are mysterious disappearances,

and when the bodies are found, it’s piece
by piece� The land itself starts to change:
the shadows on the cliffs start to look like
leering faces, or cornrows always seem to
rustle as if something’s hiding within� The
winds of the High Plains might whisper
your name�

Statistics aside, a manitou has a few
more advantages� While the reverse isn’t
true, a manitou can see and hear what the
Harrowed’s does, even when the Harrowed is
in control� This makes it nearly impossible
to fool a manitou into revealing its true

Even if a clever posse does manage to
trick it somehow, interrogation doesn’t net
much information� Manitous know only that
they served the Reckoners by sowing fear in
the world, and those manitous still in spirit
form harvested it and took it back to the
Hunting Grounds� They don’t know what’s
going on now that the Reckoners have been
banished from the Earth, so they keep on
sowing the seeds of fear and reaping the

Oh, and manitous aren’t privy to the
schemes of abominations or other manitous,
either� They’re not omnipotent, nor do they
make up some sort of hive mind�

fear levels
Even before the Last War, the Reckoners

and their minions worked to terrorform
the earth to bring about The Reckoning�
Judgment Day was the culmination of
their plans� Where before a servitor or
abomination had to spend months or even
years to raise the Fear Level of an area, the
detonation of a ghost rock bomb created
an instant Deadland� Areas not directly
transformed into a Deadland by a GR bomb
soon found themselves under assault by
the minions of the newly-freed Reckoners�

The Wasted West is a terrifying place for
the average brainer� An area’s Fear Level—a
measure of how scared the local populace
is—actually reflects on the terrain� This, in
turn, inflicts a penalty to all Fear checks
equal to the local Fear Level� Additionally, in
Hell on Earth, the terrain makes life harder,
inflicting the penalty on Survival rolls for
food and water as well� Each region of the
Wasted West has an overall Fear Level, as
noted in their entries in The Wasted West
(page 105)� That said, this can vary a great

Page 208


Junker Edges 79
Junkers 36, 77–79
Junkmen 77
Junkyard 9, 24, 110

Kansas City 144
Kevlar Vest 43
King of Mardi Gras 145
Kung Fu 37

Languages 33
Laser 63
Laser Sight 45
Laser Weapons 56
Last Sons, The 2
Las Vegas 14, 108
Law 9
Law Dog 31, 38, 193
Law Dogs 12
Leavenworth 126
Lee Main Battle Tank 59
Legendary Edges 39
Liberator IFV 59
Librarian 31, 38
Librarians 16, 20
Liebowitz, Marcus 199–201
Light Weight 56
Lockpicks 45
Locust Swarm 155
Lost Angels 25, 116
Lost Vegas 24
Lowering the Fear Level 101
Lower Mississippi and Delta

26, 142
Lurker 176
Lyin’ Eyes 35
Lynchburg 119

M-12 Stuart APC 60
M-24 Schwarzkopf 59
M-26 Powel 58
M-38 Sky Sweep Air Defense

Vehicle 59
M-42 48
M-50 49
M-92 Officer’s Sidearm 48
M-95 Missile Launcher 63
M-124 Liberator IFV 59
M-240GL 63
Machine Guns 53
Maimed 97
Mall of America 137
Mama Tibutu’s Goodies 144
Manitou 1
Marcus Liebowitz 199–201
Mardi Gras 145
Marked For Death 97
Marshal’s Handbook 93–103
Martial Artist 194
Martial Artist, Superior 194
Maze Dragon 177
Maze Pirate 194
Medboard 46
Medchip 46
Medchip Scanner 46
Medical Equipment 46–47,

Medkit 47
Memento 103
Mercer, Simon 18
Mind Biter 177
Mindlink 84
Mindwipe 84
Mini-Chainsaw 48
Missile Launcher 63
Mississippi Delta Encounter

Table 143

Money, Starting 34
Monsters & Misfits 157–201
Movie Town 119
Mulachi, Fat Tony 138
Multiprojectile 47
Muriel Redwing 200–201
Mutant 35, 194
Mutantkind 13
Mutant King 200–201
Mutate! 72
Mutation 96
Mutations 95
Mutation Table 95
Muties 20

NA M-42 48
NA M-92 Officer’s Sidearm

NA XM-21 48
NBC Environmental

Protection Suit 45
Near Dallas 152
Near Wichita 138
New Billings 132
New Edges 36
New Hindrances 34
New Jerome 126
New Orleans 144
Night Haunt 178
Night Terror 179
Night Terrors 35, 97
Night Vision Goggles 45
Ningyo 179
Nitrous Oxide 61
No Man’s Land 69–91
Northwest 123

Oathbreaker 82
Oath of Unity 82
Officer’s Sidearm 48
Oil Town 147
Old Ones 1, 2
Old Prosperi 121
OPEC 149
Operation Damocles Soldier

Oppenheimer’s Chosen 71
Outer Junkyard 111
Overgrown Town 124
Overkill 82
Owls 124

Pace 33
Pale Horses 155
Paranoid 97
Parry 33
Personalities 195–201
Phoenix 153
Pick 45
Pirate 194
Pistols 52
Pits 121
Plague Zombies 188
Pledge, The 88
Population Modifiers 42
Portland 130
Postman 31
Postmen 11
Powell 58
Power 38
Precision 38
Predavore 179
Professional Edges 38
Prosperi 121
Psyker Edges 82
Psyker Powers 84
Purgatory 121

Quaid, Jenny 197–201
Quicksludge 155

Race 33
Rad-Gone 49
Rad Intolerant 35
Radio 45
Radios 93
Radrat 180
Rad Resistant 36
Radstorms 95
Raiders 194
Rail Gun 63
Rain Forest 126
Ram Plate 62
Raptor 161
Rarity Table 42
Rasmussen, Silas 200–201
Rattler 180
Raven 2, 22
Ravenite 32
Reckoners 7
Reckoners, The 2
Reckoners’ Touch 188
Red 83
Redhawk 49
Redwing, Muriel 200–201
Replacement Limbs 114
Resilient 38
Resistance 134
Rex, the King of Mardi

Gras 145
Rifles 52, 53
Riot Control 47
Ripper 49
River Leviathan 181
River Rats 142
River Rats, The 146
River Watch 146
River Worm 182
Road Gangs 18, 21
Road Orcs 106, 115
Rock Island Prison 117
Rope 45
Ruger Redhawk 49
Rust Mite 182

SA M-50 49
Samuel Throckmorton 201
Satellite Radio 10
SA XM-40 “Ripper” 49
Scarcity 42
Scavenger 39
Scavenger Supreme 79
Scavenging 66
Schwartz, Doc 196–201
Schwarzkopf 59
Scope 45
Scrawler 183
Scrounging 41–62, 102
Scrounging Table 102
Sealed 56
Seattle 126
Selling Goods 41–62
Servitors 2, 130, 138, 145
Setting Rules 65–91
Shan Fan 122
Sharpened Hubcap 47
Shield of the Saints 89
Shogunate of Portland 130
Shogun Suki Alvarez 130
Shotguns 53
Shrak 167
Sidecar 62
Silas 14

Silas Rasmussen, Mutant
King 200–201

Simon Mercer. See Mercer,

Simon’s Blessing 89
Sioux Nations 27, 134, 140
Sioux Nations Encounter

Table 140
skills 33
Sky Pirates 139
Sky Sweep Air Defense

Vehicle 59
Sleep 74
Slow Burn 84
Slowpoke 35
Smoke 48
SoCal 122
Soldier 195
Sothby, President Jonas 4
Soul Eater 76
Southwest 27, 146
Space Needle 127
Speed 38
Spikers 129
Spoiler 62
Spook 76
Spook Juice 18, 58, 77, 90
Spotted Owls 124
Sprayskin 47
Standard Automaton 158
Standard Rounds 42
Steinbrueck’s Poltergeist

Stitchin’ 76
Storm Crow 183
Stuart APC 60
Submachine Guns 53
Supercharger 62
Supernatural Trait 76
Suppressor 45
Survivor Settlements 8
Sword of the Saints 89
Syker 32, 36
Syker Equipment 82
Syker Hindrances 82
Sykers 80–85
Sykoactive Helmet 83

T-12 Lee Main Battle Tank

Tale Teller 39
Tapping the Net 79
Taylor, Ike 197–201
Telekinetic Squeeze 85
Templar 32
Templar Edges 89
Templars 18, 21, 36, 86–89
Test of Worth 88
Texas Razors 184
The Strip 110
Thibidaux 143
Thin-Skinned 35
Throckmorton, Samuel 201
Thrown Weapons 52
Thunder Spawn 184
Tony Mulachi 138
Toughness 33, 38
Townsfolk 195
Toxic Clouds 11, 95
Toxic Eruption 155
Toxic Guardian 91
Toxic Pool 155
Toxic Shaman 33, 195
Toxic Shaman Edges 91
Toxic Shamans 36, 90–91
Toxic Spirit 91
Toxic Zombie 188
Tracer 43
Trade Convoys 11
Trader Caravan 107, 124
Traits 33

Trappings 72, 79, 85, 91
Trash Garden 155
Tremane, President Mary 4
Trickery 38
Trog 185
Tunnel 80
Tunnel, The 3
Turtle Isle 123

Undeath 74
Urban Wyrm 185

Vehicle Fatigue 56
Vehicle Notes 56
Vehicles 56–62
Vehicular Weapons 63
Vengeance Brigade

Automaton 158
Veteran o’ the Wasted West

36, 96
Veteran o’ the

Wasted West Table 96
Veteran Walkin’ Dead 187
Voices, The 94
Voracipede 175

Wales, Jo 198–201
Walkin’ Dead 187–192
Wall Crawler 186
War Party 155
Wasted West, The 7–11,

Water Purification Kit 45
Water Test Kit 45
Weapon Mount 62
Weapons 47–49, 52, 63
Weather 94
Weird Edges 39
Weird Science 77
Weird Weather 94
Wendigo 189
western Nebraska 132
Wheels 37
Widgets 9
Widowmaker 161
Willow Wight 189
Wither 76
Wizard’s Tower 129
Wolfling 189
Wood Axe 45
World War II 3
World War III 4
Worm Canyon 141
Wormling 191
Worms 22
Worst Nightmare 34

XL-99 63
XM-21 48
XM-40 “Ripper” 49

York Air Defense Vehicle 60

8mm Rail Gun 63
10mm Laser 63
15mm AA Beam Laser 63
15mm AT Laser 63
125mm 63
140mm 63

Page 209



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