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	Table of Contents
Adaptive Admission Control for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks based on a Cross-layer Design"^
Analysis of a TDMA MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks under Multipath Fading Channels'^
A QoS Architecture Integrating Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure in Next Generation
Federating Personal Networks over Heterogeneous Ad-hoc Scenarios
Analysis of Algorithms for Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Application of Path Duration Study in MultiHop Ad Hoc Networks
WiMAX Throughput Evaluation of Conventional Relaying
study of the IEEE 802.16 Contention-based Request Mechanism
Transmission Performance of Flexible Relay-based Networks on The Purpose of Extending Network Coverage
Impact of Relay Stations Implementation on the Handover in WiMAX
Optimization of Handover Mechanism in 802.16e using Fuzzy Logic
Implementation of component based wireless communication protocol for SDR AT*
A Hybrid WLAN-Bluetooth Access Network Solution for a More Efficient VoIP-Data & Video Traffic Management*
Interference Aware Bluetooth Seatternet (Re)configuration Algorithm IBLUEREA
Performance Studies of MPLS Based Integrated Architecture for 3G-WLAN Scenarios with QoS Provisioning
VoIP-PSTN Interoperability by Asterisk and SS7 Signalling
Experimental NGN Lab Testbed for Education and Research in Next Generation Network Technologies
Enhancing IEEE 802.lln WLANs using group-orthogonal code-division multiplex
Saturation Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11g (ERP-OFDM) Networks
A Tiered Mobility Management Solution for CellularAVLAN Integrated Networks with Low Handoff Delay
The Positioning of Base Station in Wireless Communication with Genetic Approach
A Door Access Control System with Mobile Phones
UWB Radar: Vision through a wall
SDU Discard Function of RLC Protocol in UMTS
Scheduling algorithms for 4G wireless networks
Precise Time Synchronization over GPRS and EDGE
GSM Base Station Subsystem Management Application
Transport resources reservation in IMS frameworks: Terminal vs. PDF driven
Enhancing access control for mobile devices with an agnostic trust negotiation decision engine"*"
Wireless Technology in Medicine Applications
Wireless Military Communications - NNEC Enabler
Wired Core Network for Local and Premises Wireless Networks
Classification of Digital Modulations Mainly Used in Mobile Radio Networks by means of Spectrogram Analysis
Security Issues of Roaming in Wireless Networks
Secure Networking with NAT Traversal for Enhanced Mobility
Simulation model of a user-manageable quality of service control method
Voice Quality Planning for NGN including Mobile Networks
A Light-weight Security Protocol for RFID System
Analog Digitized Data Logger with Wireless and Wired Communication Interface and RFID Features
Zigbee-Based Wireless Distance Measuring SensorSystem
A proposal of a Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol
On the Accuracy of Weighted Proximity Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Multicast in UMTS: Adopting TCP-Friendliness
Simulation of Large-Scale IPTV Systems for Fixed and Mobile Networks
Multicast Feedback Control Protocol for Hierarchical Aggregation in Fixed and Mobile Networks
Experiences of Any Source and Source Specific Multicast Implementation in Experimental Network
Image compression in digital video broadcasting
Fast lifting wavelet transform and its implementation in Java
New watermarking scheme for colour image
Data hiding error concealment for JPEG2000 images
Optimized discrete wavelet transform to real-time digital signal processing
Enhanced estimation of power spectral density of noise using the wavelet transform
Face detection in image with complex background
RF Pure Current-Mode Filters using Current Mirrors and Inverters
Multifunction RF Filters Using OTA
New Multifunctional Frequency Filter Working in Current-mode
Second-Order Multifunction Filters with Current Operational Amplifiers
Continuous - Time Active Filter Design Using Signal - Flow Graphs
The Design of Optical Routes Applications
Measurement and therapeutical system based on Universal Serial Bus
Transmitting Conditions of Cable Tree
Non-linear circuits with CCII+/- current conveyors
Field Programmable Mixed-S^nal Arrays (FPMA)Using Versatile CurrentA^oltage Conveyor Structures
Modeling and Design of a Novel Integrated Band-Pass Sigma-Delta Modulator
Composite Materials for Electromagnetic Interference Sliielding
Single Chip Potentiostat Measurement System
Portable and Precise Measurements with Interdigital Electrodes at Wide Range of Conductivity
New Architecture of Network Elements
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Job#: 108433

Author Name:Bestak

Title of Book: IFIP-Personal Wireless Communications

ISBN #: 9780387741581

Page 347

Wired Core Network for Local and Premises Wireless

Jiri Vodrazkai, Tomas Hubeny'

1 Czech Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic

{vodrazka, hubenyt}

Abstract The local and premises wireless networks have been expanding into
many areas. The core network access point or basic station infrastructure can be
made on wireless systems, on fixed cable systems with metallic twisted pairs,
and, prospectively with optic fibers. The VDSL2 line systems with VDMT
modulation and line bounding will be used for a data speed of hundreds Mb/s
and distance between active nodes can be measured in hundreds meters. A
suggestion of active access network and simulation of data bit rate is presented.

Keywords: Core network, Active access network, VDSL2, VDMT modulation

1 Introduction

The backbone or core network access point or basic station infi°astructure can be made
on wireless systems, or on fixed cable systems with metallic twisted pairs and
prospectively with optic fibers. Optical fibers are gradually replacing the metallic
lines, and data bit rates have increased fi*om tens Mb/s to hundreds Mb/s or Gb/s in
LANs and in the access network (first miles of digital subscriber lines). However, the
information capacity of metallic lines can be increased if the systems use a VDSL2
[8], physical layer with vectored DMT modulation and line bounding concept. The
methods for partial crosstalk cancellation are discussed and simulation results are
presented for the middle-range used for connection of access points. The data bit rates
100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s are currently used for interfaces and connection to backbone

2 Conception of core network

If it is necessary to cover some area by high-speed wireless technology [6], the
connection of access points to the central point of the network gateway has to be set.
For connection of the access points sufficient throughput is necessary and hence the
reason for building an efficient core network arises.

Wu-eless point-to-point or fixed point-to-multipoint connections are used for
attachment of access points. This solution is not suitable under all circumstances.
There can be problems with low throughput, interferences and insufficient bandwidth.

Please use the following format when citing this chapter:

Vodrazka, J., Hubeny, T., 2007, in IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 245, Personal

Wireless Communications, eds. Simak, B., Bestak, R., Kozowska, E., (Boston: Springer), pp. 332-340.

Page 348

Personal Wireless Communications 333

For extreme throughput of the core network a fiber optic FTTB (Fiber to the
Building), or FTTN (Fiber to the Node) FTTN conception can be used (Node is a
wireless access point AP - see fig.l). Here the length of the cables is restricted for
common low-coast interfaces to 10 - 20 km, which is more than satisfactory and also
the transmission speed IGb/s, eventually 10 Gb/s, offers a large reserve.

Fig. 1. The conception of hybrid optic-wireless FTTN network for core of wireless network.

Fig. 2. The conception of wired core network for connection of wireless access points.

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