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SIMs and Service Packs for iFIX 5.1 – Pulse 1.0
Last updated 06/22/2013

iFIX51_Pulse10_Workspace_028 – WorkSpace

* Charts displaying trend data sometimes plot only partial data after changing the duration in run mode.

* Workspace crash on picture close. (1-1535786461, 1-1180452921)

* Provides a utility called ihFIXCtl.exe for iFIX users to start and stop iFIX data collector (1-2558321919)

* Workspace frozen when primary security path is not reachable. (1-1507049291)

* Font problem in Desktop. (1-1278998031)

* When acknowledging alarms the client node locks up for a minute or more. (1-1387660964)

* Startup Profile Manager will not start when running iFIX as a service under Windows 2008 Server or
Windows 7 (1-1426621701)

* On Windows Vista / Winodws7 / Windows Server2008 OS; if iFIX is running as a service; then FIX
desktop Draw does not start; gives 'iFIX System not started' error message. (1-1442302471)

* When a user tries to change a field value and the iFIX SCADA Server has a read-only license key
installed, error message "No message exists for error 22052" incorrectly displays. (1-1623345911)

* Not able to enter complete date in MM/DD/YYYY format in HTD->utilities->DefineTimeGroup-
>FixedDate, when date\month is in double digit. (1-1708680281)

* Workspace memory leak when using Animation Objects. (1-1385155461)

* Alarm Printer Setup dialog is not launched in SCU - Japanese only. (1-1528410631)

* Workspace memory leak updating tag group definitions from VBA. (1-1499802001)

* Extra spaces are added to VBA scripts when objects with associated scripts are copied and pasted in a

* Wrong NIC detected in a redundant SCADA configuration. (1-917164081)

* X-Bar chart plotting SD block's T_XBAR field is scrolling continuously. (1-1308666851)

* Standard Chart on client node shows "No Data" when Proficy Historian tag name contains single
quotes. (1-1350490310, 1-1365759771)

* "Failed to connection animation object" error on Dynamo. (1-1419340831)

* Corrected formatting for context sensitive (F1) help. (1-1475088002)

* Fix Desktop View DISABLEALARM and ENABLEALARM corrupt database block. (1-1502824131)

* Network Alarm Manager crashes if there are more than the allowable 200 nodename entries in the
FilterAlm.ini file. (1-1505611021)

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* Current Value of standalone Totalizer block is not refreshed in DatabaseManager. (1-1499269151)

* Alarm Areas with German characters no longer work in iFIX datalinks. (1-1449106901)

* Workspace leaks memory when using picture's automation method "RetrieveTagGroupVariables" to
collect tag group symbols in the picture. ( 1-1157512131 )

* Browse button on Pen Group dialog of HTD disappears on Japanese and German iFIX. (1-1456663729)

* Row numbers in Alarm Summary are truncated With large font size. (1-1458723977)

* Intermittent client connection loss after SIM upgrade. (1-1464239811)

* Historical Trend Display is not displaying value and description in the legend for tag data coming from
MS Access or SQL Server.(1-1140461357)

* Error message is not displayed when user attempts to configure more than the maximum alarm areas
allowed for the Alarm Services defined in the SCU. (1-1080896891, 1-1445937911)

* Workspace may crash when closing a picture. (1-1088999781)

* Alarm Counters showing wrong values under certain conditions. (1-1075092681)

* When using W32Time with default parameters to synchronize a time lag of less than 3 minutes, the
alarm timestamps are off by a few seconds. (1-1065506011)

* Alarm areas for AR, DR tags change back to "ALL" after import.(1-1423343987)

* Inserting a new row into a Threshold table with an input type of Boolean would result in empty combo
boxes for the input column(s), making it impossible to set the input values for the newly added row. (1-

* The Multiple Command script Wizard sometimes crashes when double-clicking an action in the
Configured Actions list and editing the action. (1-1055325053)

* SCU Task Configuration browse button cannot handle files with multiple dots in the filename. (1-

* The System Node Name property, System.MynodeName, does not update dynamically in the data link.

* Foreground Color Expert formats values incorrectly resulting in the animation color incorrectly displaying
as black in run mode. ( 1-1323495987 )

* Trend Data values (T_DATA) show NO DATA in the Legend on Line Chart. (1-1417580491)

* Acknowledged alarms are not synchronizing between Failover SCADAs. (1-1061082492 , 1-
1458299231, 1-1459476815)

* If ALMODBC is configured on German iFIX, ALMODBC.exe crashes when iFIX is restarted. (1-

* Multi-Line chart produces error when partial substitution of tag group elements is used. (1-1138367811)

* iFIX Workspace may crash if VB.Net based controls are used. (1-1243921661)

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* The input value received from an external source such as PLC/OPC is not being normalized for the AO
block type.(1-1261018671)

* When applying pens via a .CSV file to a Standard Chart, sometimes the pen data in the legend shows
the pen number instead of a value or <NO DATA>. (1-1313672732)

* iFIX screensaver does not display correctly across dual monitors. (1-1342589541)

* QP property of VisiconX data object does not show all the characters returned from stored procedure.(1-

* HTA, DRAW and VIEW applications crash when filtering the tag list with a wildcard at the beginning of
the filter string. (1-1372885481)

* Substitution field in Tag Group Editor does not support long expressions. (1-1375264371)

* Standard Chart may crash Workspace. (1-966294691)

* Popups may open slowly when objects are selected in a picture, especially if the selected object is a
group with many contained objects. (1-1075595561, 1-1440007693)

* Keyup event is not getting called in VBA code for the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control and the
Microsoft Textbox ActiveX control. (1-1377343601)

* NAC.exe may crash when shutting down iFIX. (1-1438769243)

* With iFIX alarming the millisecond value is missing from timestamps when alarm information is queried
using VBDA --> EDA and the period is being used as the decimal symbol. (1-1366035063)

* WorkSpace may generate unhandled exception when the picture contains complex string data
expression. (1-994654621)

* PDS driver source with embedded TagGroups doesn't resolve TagGroups symbol. (1-1084881771)

* Tag name undefined error in tag browser of Draw (1-1307477029)

* Historic Datalink not getting refreshed when changing the source in runtime. ( 1-1349390911, 1-
1354320241 )

* Database blocks may randomly go off scan. (1-1390715452)

* TXR database tag reads 80 characters rather than the length configured in the TXR database tag
configuration. (1-1392200241)

* Remove requirement that Dynamic Connections Be Enabled on Redundant SCADA Nodes. (1-

* ODF layering in FIX Desktop View behaves differently than FIX32 View. (1-1345442231)

* Workspace is resizable - Alt Key not suppressed with Ribbon User Interface Enabled. ( 1-1259893887)

* When running in full screen mode with Environment Protection and the Ribbon enabled, the run mode
Ribbon and Key Tips may be incorrectly displayed when the ALT key is pressed. (1-1323126511)

* The filteralm.ini file is overwritten when adding new alarm areas in the SCU alarm configuration. (1-

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* Polish translations appear as truncated in some Experts. (TFS#36088)

* Workspace may crash when closing a VBA Form. (1-1088999781)

* FIX32 STRTOK command not properly converted to iFIX Mid() command line. (1-1351268041)

* Enhanced Fix32 to iFIX Migration tools to support conversion of pictures using Tag Group Symbols as
parameters in the OPENPIC, CLOSEPIC and REPLACEPIC commands. (1-1412100210)

* Windows taskbar is not accessible within Workspace when running in Full Screen mode. (1-

* Workspace does not shutdown properly when using the launch /e command line parameter or when a
message dialog box is still open (1-1234800818, 1-1082539941)

* Cannot Shutdown workspace when "Title Bar and Menu Bar" are disabled under Environment Protection
in User Preferences. (1-1205416848)

* ESignature Comments get truncated after 167 Characters. (1-1358954413)

* Workspace becomes unresponsive after closing picture with direct OPC links. (1-1179828181)

* Find and Replace does not work as expected for grouped objects. (1-1330296677)

* Tag Group object RetrieveDefinition method leaks memory. (1-1232003129)

* RefreshChartData method does not work on XY chart. (1-1194774338)

* Event blocks (EV) and Program blocks (PG) may stop processing. (1-1222510251)

* For the number of alarms generated on SCADA Server node, ALMSTAT on the Viewer nodes shows 3X
times and 2X times more 'puts' for 'SUMMARY LIST' and 'SUMMARY' rows respectively, compared to that
of SCADA Server node. (1-948206911)

* Project reference to Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library is removed when pushbutton object is removed
from picture. (1-1105317391)

* Incorrect year in HTA export (.CSV) file. (1-1171078417)

* Picture with Visiconx Grid control created in iFix 4.0 does not open properly in iFix 5.1. (1-1198388111)

* Bitmap transparent Color is displayed as solid on pictures developed on some iFIX versions prior to iFix
5.0 SP1. (1-1153697395,1-1150416121,1-1151101580)

* Receiving a Launch dialog when opening multiple WebSpace sessions with the same user. (34963)

* With multiple applications accessing database blocks, a potential existed for a deadlock condition
resulting SAC to hang.

* Missing alarms on a redundant SCADA pair. (1-1153293874, 1-1189438124, 1-1154762581, 1-
1146733450, 1-1061082492)

* Client nodes are sometimes not pulled to secondary when primary enters maintenance mode. (1-

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* Global section synchronization disabled with TimeSyncRateMilliSeconds=5000 in ScadaSync.ini. (1-

* Primary SCADA reverts to Active mode unexpectedly. This can happen when only one client is
connected to the Active Secondary SCADA and that client is shut down, occasionally when the Standby
Primary SCADA is shutdown and restarted quickly, or after a manual role switch to set the Primary
SCADA to Standby. (1-1024554334)

* "Acknowledge all" option in Alarm Summary does not acknowledge all the alarms. (1-989542591)

* While displaying A_CV[] fields of PAR blocks and A_TV fields of CA blocks junk characters are added
along with the value. (1-880190971)

* Workspace sometimes crashes when adding and deleting an animation to and from a group using the
Command Expert. (1-1033295631)

* For an AA block, if A_TARG is assigned to the UserField1, the value of consecutive field UserField2 is
concatenated with A_TARG field value when the alarm data is logged to database. (1-1034507721)

* MouseUpOffObject Event fires even if AllowMouseUpOffObjectEvent is disabled. (1-1139555411)

* In the AlarmSummaryOCX configuration if different Font Type and Font Style are selected for different
Statuses of Alarms, at run-time when the alarm status change or alarms are acknowledged, the Font type
and styles flicker between selected ones and the default ones. (1-1053766564)

* Expression with Tag Group Substitution does not evaluate correctly at runtime. (1-1049792001)

* WorkSpace exception in run-mode when right clicking on the picture that contains object animation with
tag group symbols and VBA scripts. (1-1088999781)

* Clicking off Color Palette window locks up Workspace. (1-1101055461)

* WorkSpace crashes when perform Find and Replace with long data source on a Japanese iFIX. (1-

* WorkSpace crashed with picture(s) containing animated buttons on multi-processor PC. (1-977060051)

* When cycling through display screens that include the Alarm Summary OCX with alarms from remote
SCADA nodes, WorkSpace hangs and results in "Network transaction in progress" dialog. (1-

* WorkSpace.exe repeatedly accessing the registry on every shared memory mapping. (28222)

* When attempting to run iFIX View Node as a service on Vista, WorkSpace throws error "iFIX system not
started". (1-792347531)

* With iFix AE OPC Server running if alarms are generated or acknowledged, unwanted error messages
are logged in OPCAElog.txt (1-1147231821)

* In a multiple monitor setup with WorkSpace ribbon bar enabled, pictures are not displayed correctly on
second monitor. (1-1134092278)

* Windows Taskbar is accessible in the Full Screen Run Mode. (1-1157397608, 1-1156358821, 1-

Page 6

* Foreground color animation with blinking color, not using the color from the error table when the data
quality is not good. (1-1075781424, 1-1089617191, 1-1142448531, 1-1154962131, 1-1144157191, 1-

* On loss of connection to Historian chart limits revert to default (0-100) settings. (1-1029342269)

* T_DATA does not plot correctly in line chart. (32948)

* Webspace-Webclient error when only View.exe is listed in startup task list. (1-1042594245)

* Unable to create desktop shortcut from iFix startup. (1-1008835735, 1-931319901, 1-952287903, 1-

* The OK button on the login form is cut off or appears off the form when we try to open login form while
the Windows taskbar is on the left (seen with desktop resolution 1280 x 1024). (1-937355627)

* Help path for Pulse is not resolved for language version so that translated e-books for Pulse are not
launched, but English e-books are opened instead. (31107)

* This SIM prevents the Windows taskbar from displaying when running WorkSpace in ribbon view full
screen mode on Windows 7. On Windows XP, this SIM prevents users from accessing the Windows
taskbar from WorkSpace in ribbon view full screen mode by clicking on the bottom of the screen. (1-

* Security Configuration crashes when attempting to change the 'Security Path'. (1-950611021)

* Modifying color definition for Data Link having long tag name greater than 32 characters causes Draw to
crash. (1-1031834327)

* Alarm counters doesn't reset after SAC Stop caused by CSV Import in Database-Manager. (1-

* In Fix32, when datalinks were stacked on top of each other and some of them are set to allow for data
entry, a data entry box would display even though the topmost datalink did not allow data entry. This
behavior was changed in the later versions of iFIX so the dialog box no longer displays if the topmost
datalink does not allow data entry. (1-1033547249)

* HistDatalink dialog caption is not translatable. (29992)

* Pulse 1.0 - SCADA Configuration dialog in SCU uses same accelerator key &m in two places. (30014)

* Tab Captions of Page control in Experts and DynamoSet dialogs are not translatable. (30311)

* Default fill style should be Gradient, not Solid when FillStyle entry was missing in FixUserPreferences.ini
file. (30325)

* Translations do not fit in Fill Percentages of Fill Expert. (30470)

* Arial font is not selectable in font common dialog launched from Text object's right mouse menu on
double bytes system. (30481)

* Double bytes strings are not displayed correctly with enhanced chart when "Enable Advanced Graphics"
is unchecked in Chart Customization dialog, and AdvancedGraphics property is set to False. (30559)

* "Days Before Now" accepts a large number in Chart Configuration, it gets crashed when switching to
run mode when Days Before Now is >999. (30568)

Page 7

* In Options dialog launched from Quick Access toolbar of WorkSpace, dialog title is not translatable.

* German translations are truncated in ForegroundColor, BackgroundColor, and Edgecolor Expert.

iFIX51_Pulse10_Networking_009 - Networking

* TCPTask crash while accepting connections with long node names. (1-1856917291)

* TCPTask continuously issues an invalid assert error in the .evt file with LAN redundancy enabled. (1-

* Slow iFIX communication performance encountered during periods with heavy TCP transactions.

* Error 1914 occurs in the iFIX Sample System after installing the iFix51_Pulse10_Networking_002 SIM.
(1-1371188441, 1-1450641701)

* Receiving a Launch dialog when opening multiple WebSpace sessions with the same user. (34963)

* Changes to increase network reliability under certain conditions. (34430)

* Workspace may become non-responsive when closing the picture with tag groups, when accessing in-
process OPC EDA server. (1-1147024541)

* Workspace crashes when opening a picture multiple times which contains Data Links consisting of Tag
Group Symbols and mathematical expression and the Tag Group Symbols are mapped to tagnames that
are the maximum allowable length (30 chars). (1-921304621)

* An error message "Method SendOperatorMessage of object 'IFixGlobalSysInfo' failed" pops-up
spuriously, when we set a tag value of the failover SCADA server from a view node. (1-1062387951)

* When "FIX (RDP)" session is reset on Terminal Server, sometimes client connections on the Primary
node remain in the LNT table with status as 1914. (1-1063974591, 1-1021290157)

* For the number of alarms generated on SCADA Server node, ALMSTAT on the Viewer nodes shows 3X
times and 2X times more 'puts' for 'SUMMARY LIST' and 'SUMMARY' rows respectively, compared to that
of SCADA Server node. (1-948206911)

iFIX51_Pulse10_DatabaseManager_004 - DatabaseManager

* Connected Nodename does not appear in the title bar of DatabaseManager, with the Ribbon Interface
enabled. (1-1039622856)

* Database export removes "<" from conditional statements. (1-1360912076)

* Receiving a Launch dialog when opening multiple WebSpace sessions with the same user. (34963)

* Problem importing database when it has Tag IO address embedded with XML tags. (1-1076302801)

* The DatabaseManager spreadsheet loses focus sometimes when editing cells or using the mousewheel
to scroll. (1-991370521)

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