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Industrial safety

Industrial safety is primarily a management activity which is concerned with

reducing, controlling and eliminating hazards from the industries or industrial units.

Importance of industrial safety

The danger of life of human being is increasing with advancement of scientific
development in different fields.
The importance of industrial safety was realized because every millions of industrial
accidents occur which result in either death or in temporary disablement or permanent
disablement of employees and involve large amount of losses resulting from danger to
property, wasted man hours and wasted hours.
More ever, from managerial perspective the importance of industrial safety in any
organization may be concluded by following facilitation:

e) Treatment: industrial safety management provides treatment for injuries and
illness at the work place.

f) Medical Examination: it carries out medical examination of staff joining the
organization or returning to work after sickness or accident.

g) Hazards identification.
h) Provision of protective devices.
i) Consultancy: it provides medical advised on other condition potentially affecting

health e.g. works canteen etc.
j) Education: it provides safety and health training.

Objectives of industrial safety:

k) to prevent accidents in the plant by reducing the hazard to minimum.
l) to eliminate accident caused work stoppage and lost production.
m) to achieve lower workmen’s compensation, insurance rates and reduce all other

direct and indirect costs of accidents.
n) to prevent loss of life, permanent disability and the loss of income of worker by

eliminating causes of accidents.
o) to evaluate employee’s morale by promoting safe work place and good working

p) to educate all members of the organization in continuous state of safety mindness

and to make supervision competent and intensely safety ninded.
A safety programmed includes mainly following four E’s.

• Engineering: i.e safety at the design, equipment installation stage.
• Education: i.e. education of employees in safe practices.
• Enlistment: it concerns the attitude of the employees and management to

wards the programmed and its purpose. Ti is necessary to arouse the
interest of employees in accident prevention and safety consciousness.

• Encouragement: i.e. to enforce adherence to safe rules and practices.

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Safety Organization:
Definition: safety organization may be defined as organization taking in the work of
accident prevention. It means that it has to remove unsafe physical conditions and
substitute safety practices in the place of unsafe practices.
Essential Elements: the basic elements regarding the safety organization are as under;

q) management leadership
r) assignment of responsibility
s) maintenance of safe working conditions
t) establishment of safety training
u) an accident record system
v) medical and first aid system.
w) acceptance of personal responsibilities by employees.

Management attitude: Top management attitude to wards accident prevention is
reflected in the attitude of the supervisory force. Similarly the workers attitude is
dependent on the supervisor. Therefore, the success of a program for prevention of
accidents will mainly rest on the interest taken by the top management.
Assignment of responsibility: It is of a paramount importance that assignment of full
responsibility should be given to some one for safety activities. It is usual to entrust this
function to general manager, workers manager or personnel manager but if there is full
time safety officer then this function is entrusted to him and he is usually answerable to a
top ranking officer such as Director or General manager.
Supervisor: The supervisor is the key person in any safety program. To the worker, he is
the management. It is again the supervisor who has intimated knowledge of the
temperament, attitude, sense of responsibility, physical characteristics, skill, training, etc
of the workers. In other words he has immediate control over them. Therefore, the
supervisor is indispensable ( that is not be set aside ) in any safety scheme and workers
success would depend upon the interest and participation of the supervisor. To achieve
the results, management should adopt the method of policy of associating safety as part
of good production methods and to make it known that bad safety record or poor safety
procedure by itself will be as a bad performance by management.

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Safe workplace layout:
Although most of the accidents take place because of unsafe act of the
employees, the role of the workplace layout cannot be ignored in determining the cause
of accident. For preventing accident the layout should be such that;

aaaaaa)Every employee has enough space to move and operate.
bbbbbb)Passageways between working places, roads, tracks and alleys (narrow

passage way), etc must never be obstructed.
cccccc)Fire hazards can be reduced by utilizing firewalls to separate manufacturing

area into several compartments.
dddddd)Worker operating on the machine should have easy access to the safety

switches provided on the machine/near workplace.
eeeeee)Windows should be of adequate dimensions in order to make full use of

natural daylight.

Reforms of the working conditions:
If accidents are to be prevented then the conditions of work should be
improved. The temperature, air purity, humidity of air in the working premises should not
be so such that it may lead to discomfort because it has a direct affect on the workers
health as well as to some machines also. Not only in enclosed rooms, even otherwise
proper ventilation is a must if the manufacturing processes give rise to dust, smoke,
fumes, etc. The illumination provided should be installed at correct angle and should be
sufficient in amount whether it is natural or artificial; also it should be free from glare. A
high level of noise at the workplace impair (damage or weaken) men at work and may
endanger them therefore proper measures should be taken to reduce noise level by using
silencers to minimize the hissing sounds, etc.

Provision of safety methods:
Suitable provisions of safety should be made in designing the machines so that
minimum accidents will occur. Moreover workers should be trained and encouraged to
use these devices.

Pay attention to individual differences:
It is desirable that before allocating a particular task to a particular
worker, information about his age, experience, mental health, sex, intelligence, physical
qualities, etc should be collected and then depending on these facts work should be
allocated so that right man should be placed at the right job.

Training in right work methods:
Many accidents occur because the operators using machines have not been
trained in the correct use of them. It is always better, therefore to have trained a person in
the use of a machine, in its maintenance, before allowing him to handle them.

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Means of removing fatigue:
It has been established that one important cause of accident is fatigue. Hence one
important measure of avoiding accidents is to remove fatigue as much as possible. And
one of the best ways of eliminating fatigue is to provide properly timed rest intervals at
frequent intervals so that the worker can regain his energy and avoid reaching a stage of
complete exhaustion. Besides these proper hours of working and by creating atmosphere
of cooperation and happiness, fatigue can be reduced.

Proper speed of work:
Accidents frequently occur when the work is performed at a speed much
greater than that, which is desirable. Therefore the speed of the worker in an office or
factory should be controlled. Workers should be encouraged to work at such a speed that
they can maintain their efficiency and work throughout the day without unnecessary

Organization of safety committee:
Another measure for preventing accidents suggested by
psychologist is the formation of safety committee. Such committees help to train the
worker, make him more safety conscious and also help to develop or invent new safety

Safety campaigns and posters:
Safety can also be promoted by organizing a safety campaign in factory
and office. Posters and slogans can also be used in such a campaign. These will help the
worker to control his actions.

Habits of safety:
Despite all the satiety measures adopted, by far the best and the most
successful method is the creation of habits of safety. Such habits can be developed
through training and other similar methods.

Motivating Safety:
Workers should be motivated to work cautiously. One way of doing it is to
increase the salary of those workers who follow the safety regulations.

Safe Material Handling:
The employer should provide mechanical means of conveyance to
ensure the safety of the workers engaged in material handling. The transport workers
should not be asked to lift more than the permissible load. Proper material handling
equipments must be used and should be according to nature of the goods.

Use of personal protective devices:
For any type of industrial worker it is always advisable to use personal

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(8) Insufficient intelligence: It is a natural phenomenon that any technical work
needs some degree of intelligence and this degree vary from job to job. Thus if the
worker is not enough intelligent to perform his job, he should be moved to the job
according to his level of intelligence so to reduce the accident proneness.
(9) Immature age: This cause indicates that while appointing the worker for any
job, the age factor should be kept in mind. Because asking a teenage boy to perform
the worker of some mature man or vice versa, finally results in accident proneness.
Thus, it is very important to specify the age requirement of each job to avoid
(10) Sex: Sex is another important cause of accident proneness. As we all know
that there are some working categories means there are some jobs that are only for
men and other only for women. So to avoid accident proneness it is important to
distribute the jobs according to gender
(11) Other Causes;

The other causes are,
yyyyyy)The other causes are,
zzzzzz)Lack of proper intervals of rest.
aaaaaaa)Lack of maintenance
bbbbbbb)Absence of appropriate mood.
ccccccc)Characteristics of accident proneness:

Characteristics of accident proneness


l. Poor eyesight 1. Short temperament

2. Color blindness 2. Inferiority complex

3. Sluggishness (Laziness) 3. Over confidence

4. Too bulky 4. Excessive liabilities.

5. High blood pressure 5. Lack of professionalism

6, Poor physical condition 6. Wrong attitude

7. Poor hearing 7. Lack of concentration

8. Depression

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