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11/25/13 INSIDE BOP 3/5


Always on the rig floor ready to be installed, thehold-open type has the back pressure valvepinned in an open position so that the valve canbe installed when mud is flowing.

The pin is removed after installation to allowclosure.


Kelly Cock

Rigs with TOP DRIVE

Actuator Types

- Kelly Cock

The kelly cock is a safety valve placedabove the kelly (UPPER KELLY COCK) and below the kelly (LOWER KELLYCOCK). Its basic purpose is to provide a means of closing the

string should the swivel, hose, or stand-pipe leak or rupture under conditions of a threatened blowout. This arrangement permits these items to be repaired or replaced. A

special wrench to operate the kelly cock is required and must be taken in a readily a ccessible place known to every crew member.

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