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TitleInstall Kannel Send and Receive SMS via Kannel
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Sent SMS
Use url:



if send successful: webbrowsner return

0: Accepted for delivery

Receive SMS:
PHP Examples to Receive SMS.

Evironment: PHP/Apache environment
Creat a file receivesms.php on root of file web configure.

In file config, # SMS SERVICE, we use option:



So, when reply or send sms via Kannel, you ‘ll get a content of receivesms.php

(reference: )


- When Kannel donot run, check file config kannel.conf. Ensure that kannel.conf
obey kannel document guide.

- When you sent sms to kannel gateway, your sms get any problem. Replaces

the SMS message sent back to user , Kannel can sent back

Request Failed : it mean Kannel could not contact http service

Could not fetch content, sorry: Kannel could not fetch content

Result could not be represented as an SMS message: Kannel could

not represent the result as a SMS message.

<Empty reply from service provider>: when Kannel get an empty sms

, Kannel set to "" to enable empty messages sent back user.

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