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TitleIntelligent Life in the Universe
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Table of Contents
                            SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
	Are we alone?
	History of SETI
	Current situation
Crowded skies or lonely planet?
	Drake equation
	Fermi paradox
	Anthropic cosmological principle
	Is the Sun a typical star?
	Exoplanets: Search methods and results
Rare Earth
	Habitable Zones
	Timescales and Galactic Habitable Zone
	Tides, magnetic field, plate tectonics
	Earth's obliquity, Moon and Milankovitch Cycles
Is the Solar System unique?
	Characteristics of the Solar System
	Titius-Bode law, resonances, stability and chaos
	Planet formation
	Uniqueness of the Solar System

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