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TitleIPS910 - Special Functions for the Public Sector[1]
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IPS910 SAP Public Sector: Special
Functions for the Public Sector

Release 640 04/06/2006

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IPS910 SAP Public Sector: Special Functions for
the Public Sector


© SAP AG 2002

SAP Public Sector:

Special Functions for the Public Sector

SAP IS Public Sector
EA-PS 1.10
Material number 50058225

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Co. Code



Interest Block

Master Record

Revenue Type
Object Class

Revenue Type
Account Group


Do Not

Vendor Master

Requests: Company Code Variant

The following settings can be made in the company code variant:
Vendor/Customer Master Record: Address and bank details data are copied to the request.
Customer/Object Class Account Group Revenue Type: Customer account group and object class
assignments can be found in the settings for revenue types. If you want these relationships to be
checked, you must set the relevant flags.

Complete: If the indicator "Complete" is set, requests can only be saved if all relevant data was
entered for document entry.

Without Request Number: Requests to be posted using the direct input procedure are not given a
request number. Subsequent bundling is performed via transaction F899.

Additional Receivables Interest Block: The system sets an interest block for additional receivables.
You must have flagged the corresponding revenue type as an additional receivable. No further interest
is calculated on these additional receivables during the dunning run.

Do Not Group: This suppresses the grouping in an FM account assignment which is carried out by
default when a request is printed.

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Deduction instead of reversal
No automatic clearing

Deduction transactions
Deduction requests have their own request category

Deduction requests are processed in the same way as
original requests

Deduction also possible using +/- indicator
Post with the original request transactions/categories

+/- sign indicator selected

FI reversal postings also possible

Requests: Reversal Postings

When working with request documents, you can make deduction postings instead of posting reverse
documents. Deductions are credit memos and are processed according to original requests. This means
that they are posted as FI documents that include collective request processing.

Instead of making a deduction posting, it also possible to post a second request for the original request
type, but with the opposite +/- sign.

Standard FI reverse postings can be also used for requests (that have been posted in FI).

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Further Processing Options

Print Mail Graphics

XXL List Viewer Excel

The executed drilldown report can be processed further using the following interfaces:
Print: SAP, MS Word 6.0 or Excel
Mail: SAP Office
Graphics: Using menu option "Graphics", you can call up SAP Business Graphics (2D or 3D) and statistical

graphics (line charts). It is possible to save graphics settings (excluding window size and position).
MS Word: Print, further processing
XXL List Viewer Excel: Print
MS-EXCEL: Further processing

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The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP
BW) provides an overview of different data

Information on master data assignments can be
displayed using master data reports

User-specific display variants can be created for
line item reports

You can create your own reports as drilldown

Reporting: Unit Summary

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