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CSEC Information Technology SBA (General Proficiency) May/June 2017

Information Technology {General Proficiency}

School Based Assessment (SBA)


Project Description

Currently the St. Georges Bus Terminal processes most of its monthly transactions manually. You are the
director of a computer/I.T consulting company and have been hired by the Ministry of Works and
Transportation in collaboration with the Grenada Ports Authority to analyze the revenue and activities of
the St. Georges Bus Terminal for September 2016 using technology.i

You are required to use Microsoft Office or any suitable office suite for the inputting, processing and
analysis of the data collected. You are then required to submit a report to the Ministry of Works and to
issue letters to the bus owners informing them of the charges incurred for the said month.

The findings in your report will be used for the sourcing of funds by the Ministry and the Ports Authority
to further develop an electronic management system and facilitate the expansion and upgrading of the
facility to better accommodate and facilitate the traveling population and the bus operators.


You are required to create a spreadsheet with the following information.

RegNumber Color Capacity Zone Entries


Discount Total Due

 There are two sizes of buses with capacity of 18 (small) and 48 passengers (large).

 Toll is the amount charged for each entry into the terminal.

 There is a flat charge of $50 for every bus which uses the terminal.

 The RegNumber is the registration number of the bus.

 Entries are the number of times the bus enters the terminal for the month and there is a limit
for each zone.

 The number in column 1 in the table below represents the zone, the numbers in column 2
represents the entry limit for each zone.


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