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TitleItaipu Project Charter
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Project Manager:


Sponsor: Date:

August 06, 1975

Scope Statement

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The objective of this project is the construction of Generating station and dam as per the

following the specifications and time table established by the customer, the governments of

Paraguay and Brazil


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Itaipu Binacional, a joint Paraguayan and Brazilian government commission has been given the

mandate to construct the dam across the Parana River and generation station.This project is the

initiative of Governments of Paraguay and Brazil.

The project involves: Financing, recruitment, construction of temporary infrastructure (dorms,

cafeteria, offices, storage, etc), purchase of machinery, purchase materials. And the construction of

Dam and the Generation Station.

Detailed Scope

1) To generate electricity for growing demand of Brazil & Paraguay by using the resource which is

available in abundance in Brazil & Paraguay

2) Suitable Location already identified at Itaipu at the border of Brazil & Paraguay

3) Sourcing of Man, Material,

4) Construction of channel to reroute the water away from the construction site

5) Construction of Secondary dams to increase the water at the main dam for generating desired


6) Construction of Copher dams to prevent flow of water to the construction site.

7) Building a Spill-wave to handle overflow of water at the edge of the dam

8) construction of the Generation Station.

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