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TitleJ.F. Ramaley, Buffon's Noodle Problem
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Table of Contents
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		Front Matter [pp. ]
		Formal Power Series [pp. 871-889]
		An Elementary Solution of the Brachistochrone Problem [pp. 890-894]
		Formac Meets Pappus: Some Observations on Elementary Analytic Geometry by Computer [pp. 895-905]
		On Newton's Inequality for Real Polynomials [pp. 905-909]
		The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition [pp. 909-915]
			Buffon's Noodle Problem [pp. 916-918]
			An Application of Two Estimates for e [pp. 918-919]
			Reducibility of Polynomials of Odd Degree (II) [pp. 919-921]
			An Extremum Property of Convex Functions [pp. 921-922]
			On Representing a Square as the Sum of Three Squares [pp. 922-923]
			A Generalization of a Result of Frobenius [pp. 924-925]
			Are Almost Commuting Matrices Near Commuting Matrices? [pp. 925-926]
			Are Equidecomposable Plane Convex Sets Convex Equidecomposable? [pp. 926-927]
			Limiting Distributions for Sample Quantiles [pp. 927-929]
			Note on Simpson's Rule [pp. 929-930]
			Functions with Closed Graphs [pp. 930-932]
			Mathematics Training of Secondary Mathematics Teachers [pp. 933-937]
			Elementary Problems: E2190-E2195 [pp. 937-938]
				E2124 [pp. 938]
				E2125 [pp. 939-940]
				E2126 [pp. 940]
				E2127 [pp. 940-941]
				E2128 [pp. 941-942]
				E2129 [pp. 942]
				E2130 [pp. 942-944]
				E2131 [pp. 944]
				E2132 [pp. 944-945]
				E2134 [pp. 945]
				E2135 [pp. 945-946]
				E2136 [pp. 946-947]
			Advanced Problems: 5689-5694 [pp. 947-948]
				5415 [pp. 948-949]
				5629 [pp. 949]
				5630 [pp. 949-950]
				5631 [pp. 950]
				5632 [pp. 950-951]
				5633 [pp. 951-952]
				5634 [pp. 952-953]
				5635 [pp. 953]
				5637 [pp. 953-954]
			Review: untitled [pp. 954-955]
			Review: untitled [pp. 955-956]
			Review: untitled [pp. 956-957]
			Review: untitled [pp. 957]
			Review: untitled [pp. 957]
			Review: untitled [pp. 958]
			Review: untitled [pp. 958]
			Review: untitled [pp. 959]
			Review: untitled [pp. 959-960]
			Review: untitled [pp. 960-961]
			Review: untitled [pp. 961]
			Review: untitled [pp. 962]
			Review: untitled [pp. 962]
			Telegraphic Reviews [pp. 963-979]
		News and Notices [pp. 980-981]
			Life Memberships [pp. 981]
			New Types of Membership [pp. 981]
			April Meeting of the Iowa Section [pp. 982]
			April Meeting of the North Central Section [pp. 982-983]
			April Meeting of the Ohio Section [pp. 983]
			April Meeting of the Texas Section [pp. 983-985]
			May Meeting of the Kentucky Section [pp. 985]
			May Meeting of the Indiana Section [pp. 985-986]
			May Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section [pp. 986-987]
			May Meeting of the Wisconsin Section [pp. 987]
			Calendar of Future Meetings [pp. 988]
			Future Meetings of Other Organizations [pp. 988]
		Back Matter [pp. ]
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