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TitleLeading Marines
TagsLeadership United States Marine Corps Leadership & Mentoring Attitude (Psychology) Value (Ethics)
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Table of Contents
                            LEADING MARINES
Promulgation Letter
Table of Contents
Student Information
Study Guide
Study Unit 1:  Developing Leaders
	Lesson 1:  Understanding Values
	Lesson 2:  Marine Corps Core Values
	Lesson 3:  Leadership Traits
	Lesson 4:  Examing the Leadership Principles
	Lesson 5:  Ethical Leadership
	Lesson 6:  Cultural Awareness
Study Unit 2:  The Military Organization
	Lesson 1:  The Command
	Lesson 2:  Organizatioinal Structure
	Lesson 3:  The Department of Homeland Security
Study Unit 3:  Leadership Tools
	Lesson 1:  Team Building
	Lesson 2:  Applying the Troop Leading Steps
	Lesson 3:  Applying the OODA Loop
Study Unit 4:  The Mentoring Process
	Lesson 1:  Fundamentals of Mentoring
	Lesson 2:  Prepare, Conduct, and Follow-Up on the Mentoring Session
Review Lesson Examination

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