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TitleLiving Dairy-Free For Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness))
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                            Living Dairy-Free For Dummies®
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Recipes at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		Conventions Used in This Book
		What You’re Not to Read
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Going Dairy-Free: A Quick Overview
		Chapter 1: Living Dairy-Free: Beginning with the Basics
			Dairy-Free for You and Me: What It’s All About
			Doing without Dairy: Who Is Affected and Why
			Getting the Nutrients You Need
			Digging In to Dairy-Free Meal Planning and Preparation
			Moving toward a Dairy-Free Lifestyle
		Chapter 2: Understanding Why Living Dairy-Free Makes Sense
			For the Health of It: Avoiding Negative Health Effects of Dairy Products
			Saving the Planet with Your Knife and Fork
			Taking a Closer Look at Ethical Considerations
			Eyeing Economic and Political Forces that Keep Dairy in the American Diet
			Going Dairy-Free with Some Restrictions
		Chapter 3: Dairy-Free by Degree: Taking a Look at Lactose Intolerance
			Getting the Lowdown on Lactose Intolerance
			Determining Your Degree of Intolerance
			Putting the Dairy-Free Issue in Perspective
		Chapter 4: Getting Calcium, Vitamin D, and Other Essential Nutrients
			Understanding Why People Consume Dairy Products
			The Big Kahuna: Calcium
			Vitamin D: The Add-On
			Pinpointing Other Essential Nutrients in Milk
			Making Sense of Supplements
		Chapter 5: Making the Transition to Dairy-Free: Getting Started
			Spotting the Dairy in Your Diet
			Taking a Systematic Approach to Going Dairy-Free
			Making Sure Foods Are Dairy-Free
			Focusing on Some Detailed Dairy-Free Advice
	Part II: Setting Up Your Dairy-Free Kitchen
		Chapter 6: Removing Dairy from Your Kitchen
			Uncovering Dairy Items in Your Kitchen and Tossing Them
			Replacing Dairy with Nondairy Alternatives
			Pointing Out Some Special Features of Nondairy Alternatives
		Chapter 7: Shopping for and Stocking Your Dairy-Free Home
			Determining What You Need by Planning Ahead
			Knowing Where to Get What You Need
			Watching Your Budget While Taking Care of Your Health
			Natural or Organic? Determining What’s Best
		Chapter 8: Cooking Tips and Techniques
			Noting Special Considerations for Cooking Dairy-Free
			Naming the Appliances You Can Use
			Recipe Magic: Adapting Your Favorites
	Part III: Meals Made Easy: Recipes for Everyone
		Chapter 9: Waking Up to Breakfast Basics
			Starting with Cold and Hot Beverages
			Leaving the Dairy Out of Classic Breakfast Dishes
			Working with Waffles, Pancakes, and Other Grains
		Chapter 10: Spectacular Soups, Salads, and Sides
			Beginning with Soup
			Serving Up Some Salad
			Complementing Your Meal with Savory Sides
		Chapter 11: Delectable Main Dishes
			Creating Some Hearty Family Favorites
			Sinking Your Teeth into Sandwiches
			Enticing Your Palate with Ethnic Entrees
		Chapter 12: Dairy-Free Dips, Spreads, Sauces, and Dressings
			Drumming Up Some Divine Dips
			Spreading Some Cheer
			Sauces for All Seasons
			Making Dairy-Free Dressings
		Chapter 13: Breads, Pizza, and Munchies
			Falling in Love with Dairy-Free Breads
			Kneading Some Pizza
			Satisfying Cravings at Snack Time
		Chapter 14: Dishing Up Dairy-Free Desserts
			Sipping on Smoothies
			Putting Together Perfect Puddings
			Baking Cakes and Pies
			Screaming for Ice Cream!
	Part IV: Living — and Loving — the Dairy-Free Lifestyle
		Chapter 15: Managing Social Situations
			Explaining Your Dairy-Free Diet
			Managing Family Meals
			Hosting Dairy Eaters in Your Dairy-Free Home
			Being a Gracious Guest
		Chapter 16: Dodging Dairy on the Mooove: Eating Out
			Maintaining a Positive Attitude
			Picking the Restaurant
			Studying the Menu
			Working with the Wait Staff
			Traveling Dairy-Free
		Chapter 17: Dairy-Free During Pregnancy and the Early Years
			Preparing for a Healthy, Dairy-Free Pregnancy
			Obtaining the Nutrients Both of You Need
			Hello Baby! Welcoming Your Newest Dairy-Free Family Member
			As Your Child Ages: Feeding during the Twos and Threes
		Chapter 18: Raising Happy, Healthy Dairy-Free Kids and Teens
			Making Sure Dairy-Free Kids Grow Up Healthy and Happy
			Making Sure Your Kids Are On Board with Their Meals
			Working through the Challenges
		Chapter 19: Aging Healthfully: Dairy-Free Diets for Older Adults
			Going Dairy-Free Later in Life
			Eating for Bone Health
	Part V: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 20: Ten Good Reasons to Dump Dairy
			Cow’s Milk Isn’t Meant for Humans
			Saturated Fat Hardens Arteries
			Lactose Is Difficult to Digest
			Milk Contains No Fiber
			Milk Is Linked with Health Problems
			Cows Heat Up the Earth
			Dairy Farming Wastes Water
			Dairy Farming Pollutes the Air
			Dairy Farming Spoils the Soil and Eliminates Trees
			Dairy Farming Is Unkind to Animals
		Chapter 21: Ten Useful and Great-Tasting Dairy-Free Products
			Vanilla Soymilk
			Almond Milk
			Rice Milk
			Soy Coffee Creamer
			Soy Yogurt
			Nondairy Ice Cream
			Nondairy Cheese
			Dairy-Free Margarine
			Nondairy Cream Cheese
			Nondairy Sour Cream
		Chapter 22: Ten Hidden Sources of Dairy
			Baby Formula
			Baked Goods and Baking Mixes
			Breakfast Cereals
			Coffee Creamers
			Creamy Liqueurs
			High-Protein Drink Powders
			Instant Mashed Potatoes
			Nutrition Bars
		Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Make Dairy-Free Eating Easier on Your Wallet
			Buy in Volume
			Shop Around
			Share with a Friend or Family Member
			Buy Generic
			Clip Coupons
			Make It Yourself
			Eat at Home
			Go Easy on the Cheese
			Throw Away Less
			Use Fewer Specialty Products
		Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Make Dairy-Free Fun for Kids
			Get Their Input
			Take Them Shopping
			Teach Them to Cook
			Play the Taste Test Game
			Whip Up Some Smoothies
			Make Dairy-Free Ice Cream
			Play with Tofu
			Focus on Favorites
			Bake Cookies
			Have Fun Yourself

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