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                            Lord Kuthumi on Animals Through Michelle Eloff 29 May 2003
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the room. Allow the cat to do what it needs to do, and dogs also are known to do this.

Now we will speak more generally of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom at this time is
helping humanity to raise their consciousness in understanding intellectually, as well as emotionally
that they are a part of your evolution. As humans learn to open their hearts and their minds to the
blessings and the gifts that the animal kingdom bring, so a whole new world of experience will
present itself.

Animals hold an immense amount of wisdom, animals are not limited to a bark or to a meow. They
are not limited to a whinny or to a roar, animals communicate just like you do, the only difference is
that they do it telepathically. Humans have to learn how to communicate with animals, not the other
way around. Animals have been communicating with you for eons of time, you have forgotten how
to listen. So our suggestion to you at this time is to begin by consciously setting the intention to
open your consciousness consciously to receiving messages or guidance from the animals in your
immediate environment. You do not have to have a domestic pet in order to do this. Speak to the
birds who come to your garden. Speak to the butterflies, the ladybirds, everything that comes to
experience your world as well. By developing this relationship you will begin to see more. And you
will realise that you have always heard them but you have not listened. There is an area in the brain,
in the center of the brain, known as the corpus collusum, which is the part of the brain that is being
exercised at this time in building telepathic communication. And not only with animals but with
your fellow human species as well. As the corpus collusum becomes stronger so it allows you to
also receive more guidance and messages from your guides and your angels, so the exercises that
you do building this expands your ability to communicate beyond what you have come, or become
accustomed to.

There are specific animals that are playing a vital role in the shifting of consciousness at this time.
The one species that we will speak of now is the lion. The lion represents the masculine energy of
this world. The lion brings the teachings of truth. Now when we say it brings a teaching of truth we
mean that by observing this creature in its natural habitat you begin to connect with it. By observing
this creature in a caged environment you connect with the creature, but there is something else that
is brought in. Lions in their natural environment teach a very raw truth. They teach the art of
survival, but not survival motivated by fear or desperation but the natural cycle of survival. This
activates the base chakra of the body, also known as the root chakra. The will to live, the will to
experience truth is then activated and the lion consciousness or the lion archetype is born inside of

By experiencing a lion in captivity this creature then begins to bring out for the individual all of the
issues around feeling and being limited. Your own processes of having been held captive, either
through not being able to express yourself as a child or not being given the freedom to experience
life as you would have liked to. So this is the difference when it comes to working with lions in
their natural environment and captive lions. It is even more intense when you are working with
animals, or connecting with animals that are in for instance, a circus environment. Because then you
as a human are being asked to support that creature. Creatures that have been taken into circus
environments lose their will to be an individual. Their survival instincts are completely squashed.
Sometimes however the animal snaps because they too are physic beings, they too have
phsycological aspects of themselves that become traumatised and this is when you will hear of
perhaps an elephant breaking loose and running rampant through the city, destroying motor cars or
buildings and even harming people, or a bear that gets out, or a lion that gets out. There is nothing
to blame on the creature, it is the human’s choice. The human that has come forward and taken the
animal out of its natural environment and caged it, put it into an identity that does not fit it. An
animal is not meant to perform tricks to amuse human beings. Animals were meant to be here to
teach humans the lesson of unconditional love. The animals are here to teach humans the
importance of service, they are also here to teach humans the importance of balance. This is
something that humanity has forgotten.

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opening their minds, humans are listening. You have all experienced the frustration of trying to
speak to someone and they do not hear you. It is the same. And you will find ironically enough that
as you develop this relationship with the animal kingdom you automatically are able to tune into
your guides a lot easier, you will be able to tap into your inner consciousness a lot easier and you
will find answers to your questions so much easier, because every creature on you planet represents
a specific quality of energy. Is this clear to all of you so far?

Now we would like to open the energy to take questions and we will answer them the best that we
can, so when you are ready please begin, and please speak up so that I can hear you clearly.

Question: I would like to ask …celestial plane and I feel there is a strong connection, can you tell
me more?

Lord Kuthumi: You are asking of the creature individually? Very well. This particular horse holds
the quality of the feminine warrior goddess energy, she is teaching those who come to ride with her
the lesson of tapping into the femininity of themselves but to also understand that the goddess and
the warrioress are one and the same energy. This is about aligning fully with the feminine power
and completely accepting and embracing the beauty of womanhood, and everything that comes with
being a woman. She is also connected to a being who is known as the Lord of Sirius - Lord Syra,
who is connected very strongly to a white horse, that shape shifts between horse and unicorn that is
known as Chevalier. Chevalier is the masculine counterpart of the horse that we speak to you of. All
who come to ride her will have the fire of their goddess warrior self awoken, and where there are
issues of denial or disregard or rejection of the feminine aspect of self it will come under scrutiny
and this will have to be dealt with. Is this clear? You are most welcome, blessings be with you.

Question: Inaudible

Lord Kuthumi: The tiger is the bridge between the eastern and the western world, it is bringing
together both the masculine and feminine energy. It is the energy of ignorance and denial that come
to meet with the energy of illumination and of knowledge. The tiger for you represents the duality
that you have experienced in this world already. The tiger also is showing you that these two
seemingly separate very different worlds are coming together and merging so that east and west can
form a relationship, an interaction where both can benefit from one another’s strong points. Is this
clear? The tiger is one of your totem animals and will also help you to keep that balance between
knowledge and ignorance. Is this clear? You are welcome and Blessings be with you. You may
continue sister.

Question: I have a little cat and she disappeared in the middle of the night…. (tape ends)

Lord Kuthumi: Beloved sister, your cat came to see you and yes it was to connect with you one last
time. She was aware that you were aware of the fact that she was going to leave. She brought you a
gift, and it was the gift of forgiveness. Perhaps it is also time for you to look at any aspect of your
life, where there has been specifically an act of betrayal or unresolved issues with a man in your
life. And she will assist you in resolving this. Is this clear? …. What we are saying to you is that you
need to look at some area of your life, perhaps in your past, where some of your power was given
away to a man in your life. Think carefully of this, where there is perhaps some anger, or sadness,
or grief that is still held inside of you. Every creature, every animal brings a gift to their owner and
when they leave they leave that gift with their owner. Your cat brought forgiveness. By taking the
time to feel inside of your being where this may be lurking, where your power was given away, you
will find a new opportunity of self-empowement presents itself to you. Do you understand this?

I will try to look for what you are telling me, but it is definitely not clear.

Lord Kuthumi: What part exactly are you not understanding, let us help you.

Where I have given my energy away to a man, some betrayal and all the other things you have

Lord Kuthumi: Let us ask you, have you at any time in your life ever felt victimised, or felt that you

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life, and perhaps there is someone who comes and sweeps you off your pretty little feet. It is not
like you are involved, Yes? (laughter) Lord Merlin likes pretty girls like you to weave magic, so
perhaps the next time you are massaging someone your magic fingers might wake up something in
their hearts. Is this clear? (laughter) Now the crow also brings the messages of the underworld. It is
mystery and magic and the crow is also representing your ability to tap into the very deepest aspects
of yourself and to bring forward intuitive insights and information, not only for yourself but for
those whom you work with to. Is this clear? Blessings be with you. You are welcome.

Question: I would like to ask that the physical presence of a Siamese cat and …..

Lord Kuthumi: The Siamese cat specifically is a guide of yours that has projected an aspect of itself
into a physical form that is coming through the Siamese cat. Have you connected with the Siamese
cat in its eyes? Do this but not for too long, Siamese cats do not like to be stared at. What you can
also do is speak to the cat through your third eye and see the images that come to you telepathically,
symbols and colours, do you understand? So this particular animal is able to project information to
you that will support you with the project that you are working with. Is that clear? Now the dolphins
and the whales that you are seeing are connected to your ability to move into the Akashic records at
this time, the dolphins as we have said work with spontaneity, with joy, with playfulness, and the
whales are the record keepers of the planet. Because it is in an etheric level it is aspects of energy
and information that have not yet been grounded into a physical form that you are tuning into, that
is also part of your work. Is this clear? The throat chakra being the chakra of expression through
which you are having to work as well, and the third eye is about awakening to inner vision. Is this
clear to you? Now the falcon is one of the creatures that works with the Native American Indian
being who is known as Hiawatha. Hiawatha has come forward for a specific reason with you at this
time, and perhaps when we speak with you personally again, we can bring more information
regarding this. The music that you are to bring is a mixture of various cultures. Do you understand?
And there will be a Native American Indian touch to it. And Hiawatha will support you directly
with this. Is this clear? You are welcome and blessings be with you.

Question: Why does a cheetah mean so much to me.

Lord Kuthumi: Beloved One, cheetah is one who moves with great speed but it is very, very
observant. It knows precisely where it is going and it is not afraid to tackle what comes its way. The
cheetah is considered to be of the canine family, in other words it is more associated to a dog than a
cat. And this cheetah also represents your immense ability to love, and your sincerity. Do not be
afraid to move forward in your life. Do not be afraid to show your strength and your agility, the
sharpness of your mind, the sharpness of your wit and your ability to understand complex concepts
which will become more evident to you the older you get. The cheetah also brings the energy of a
being who is known as Lord Aniston and Lord Anniston is one of your master guides. Is this clear
to you? You are most welcome and Blessings be with you.

And so it is at this time beloved ones that we wish to embrace each and every one of you in the
presence of the unconditional love and service that the animal kingdom brings. We know that there
are many questions still in the hearts of the people present here but we will answer your questions in
our own way. Keep your ears open, keep your eyes open and above all keep your heart open. Your
presence here this evening has been a great honour and the animal kingdom bows in gratitude to all
of you coming to listen to the words that have been share here. May the light of the Christ energy
embrace each one of you on your journey, shining through you making the way clear before you.
May this energy colour your thoughts, your actions and your words. Trust in the many invisible
arms that hold each one of you, and know that as you honour and respect life around you so you are
able to honour and respect yourself. And the more you honour and respect yourself, the more you
honour and respect the world that you are a part of. Acknowledge the presence of every creature
that you come across, from the wretched fly that comes to buzz around your nose to the mosquito
that squeaks in your ear when you are trying to sleep, give thanks that you are able to hear them,
give thanks that you are experiencing life and able to acknowledge that they are there. What are

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