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TitleLorenzo KomBoa Ervin - Anarchism and the Black Revolution
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Table of Contents
                            Dedication For the second edition of Anarchism and the Black Revolution
Chapter 1. An Analysis of White Supremacy
	How the Capitalists Use Racism
	Race and Class: the Combined Character of Black Oppression
	So What Type of Anti-Racist Group is Needed?
	The Myth of “Reverse Racism”
	Smash the right Wing!
	Defeat white supremacy!
Chapter 2. Where is the Black struggle and where should it be going?
	A Call for a New Black Protest Movement
	What form will this movement take?
	Revolutionary strategy and tactics
	A Black Tax Boycott
	A National Rent Strike and Urban Squatting
	A Boycott of American Business
	A Black General Strike
	The Commune: Community Control of the Black Community
	Building A Black survival program
	The Need for a Black Labor Federation
	Unemployment and Homelessness
	Crimes Against the People
	The Drug Epidemic: A New Form of Black Genocide?
	African Intercommunalism
	Armed Defense of the Black Commune
Chapter 3. Anarchist Theory and Practice
	Types of Anarchists
	Anarchist Versus Marxist-Leninist Thought on Organization of Society
	General Principles of Anarchist-Communism
	Capitalism, the State and Private Property
	Anarchism, Violence and Authority
	Anarchists and Revolutionary Organization
	Why Am I An Anarchist?
	What I Believe
	A Short Biography of Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin

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