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97. Terbutaline sulfate was ordered. Anna developed palpitations after 1 hour of Terbutaline sulfate
infusion. What is the immediate nursing action for this problem?

a. Stop the infusion c. Secure order for beta blockers
b. Replace IV infusion with oral dose d. Regulate the infusion according to cardiac rate

98. In a complete hydatidiform mole, which of the following karyotypes is typically found?
a. 46 xx b. 69 xxy c. 69 xxx d. 69 xxy

99. Ara is complaining of painful contractions, or after pains, on postpartum day 2. Which of the

following conditions could increase the severity of after pains?

a. Bottle-feeding c. Multiple gestation
b. Diabetes d. Primiparity

100. Mrs. Kristina is in her 2

trimester and admitted in the hospital with a chief complaint of

hypertension. With BP= 170/100. Further assessment revealed edema on face and upper extremities. Mrs.

Kristina is diagnosed of PIH. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding this


a. Occurs most frequently in primiparas younger than age 20 years or older than 40 years

b. The cause is unknown

c. Danger of seizure is present until 24 hours post-partum

d. Seizure usually occurs 72 hours after birth

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