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Unit 1 Institutional Food Management
	Chapter 1 Development of Food Service Institutions
	Chapter 2 Approaches to Management
	Chapter 3 Management: Philosophy, Principles and Functions
	Chapter 4 Tools of Management
	Chapter 5 Management of Resources
Unit 2 Spaces: Planning and Organisation
	Chapter 6 Kitchen Spaces
	Chpater 7 Storage Spaces
	Chapter 8 Service Areas
Unit 3 Equipment
	Chapter 9 Catering Equipment
	Chapter 10 Selection of Equipment
	Chapter 11 Equipment Design, Installation and Operation
	Chapter 12 Purchasing Equipment
	Chapter 13 Care and Maintenance of Equipment
Unit 4 Food Management
	Chapter 14 Characteristics of Food
	Chapter 15 Food Purchasing
	Chapter 16 Inventory Management
	Chapter 17 Menu Planning
	Chapter 18 Food Production
	Chapter 19 Food Service
	Chapter 20 Clearing, Cleaning and Waste Management
Unit 5 Financial Management
	Chapter 21 Financial Management
	Chapter 22 Costing and Budgeting
	Chapter 23 Pricing
	Chapter 24 Accounting
Unit 6 Personnel Management
	Chapter 25 Personnel Management Concepts
	Chapter 26 Staff Employment
	Chapter 27 Employee Benefits
	Chapter 28 Staff Training and Development
	Chapter 29 Legal Aspects of Personnel Management
Unit 7 Hygiene Sanitation and Safety
	Chapter 30 Hygiene and Sanitation
	Chapter 31 Safety and Security
Unit 8 Marketing
	Chapter 32 Marketing the Products of Catering
	Chapter 33 Food Service Management: Challenges Ahead
	Annexure 1 Indian Speciality Restaurants
	Annexure 2 Permitted Colours in Foods
	Annexure 3 Food Additives
	Annexure 4 Water Purification Processes
	Annexure 5 Some Indian Food Standards
	Annexure 6 Natural Toxins Present in Foods
	Annexure 7 Conversion Tables

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