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Table of Contents
                            CB Contents
Features of New Signpost Mathematics
Treatment of Outcomes
Metric Equivalents
The Language of Mathematics
Arithmetic and Algebra Cards
Chapter 1 Review of Last Year's Work
Chapter 2 Working Mathematically
Chapter 3 Investigating Pythagoras' Theorem
	3:01 Investigating Right-angled Triangles
		Right-angled triangles
		Pythagoras’ Theorem
	3:02 Using Pythagoras’ Theorem: Calculating the Hypotenuse
		Pythagorean triads
	3:03 Using Pythagoras’ Theorem: Calculating One of the Short Sides
		What happens when ducks fly upside down?
	3:04 Miscellaneous Exercises Involving Pythagoras' Theorem
		Pythagoras and speed
	Maths terms • Diagnostic Test • Revision Assignment • Working Mathematically
Chapter 4 Percentages
Chapter 5 Patterns and Algebra
Chapter 6 Probability
Chapter 7 Reasoning in Geometry
Chapter 8 Graphs and Tables
Chapter 9 Area and Volume
Chapter 10 Equations, Formulae and Inequations
Chapter 11 Ratio, Rates and Scale Drawing
Chapter 12 The Number Plane
Chapter 13 Geometric Constructions and Congruent Figures
Chapter 14 Statistics
Chapter 15 Circles and Cylinders
Chapter 16 Similarity
Chapter 17 Using Calculators and Spreadsheets
Answers to ID Cards
Appendix Answers
Foundation Worksheets
Challenge Worksheets
Worksheet Answers

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