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repeating pattern

47.psd Photoshop

New Ai Document
Open a new documwent in illustrator make it any
size as this will just be place where we make the
elements we will use for the repeating pattern.



Make a Circle
The follwing steps will show how you can make
easy pattern motifs from a simple circle in
illustrator. So firstly make a circle.

In the following tutorial I will show you that it is not a matter of Photoshop vs
Illustrator, But rather they complement one another. I wouldn’t be surprised
if Adobe mesh these two programs as one, one day.I bet every designer has
wondered how repeating patterns were made Traditionally they can be tedious
and time consuming. But digitally its a sinch.

Keyboad shortcut for
the elipse tool will be
very handy the more
you work in illustrator.


Page 48

creative class

48 .psd Photoshop

Rotate Duplicate
Now get the rotate tool and reposition the little
registration circle that appears when you select
this tool, to the edge of the smallest curve, hold
alt/ option and rotate, you’ll have a duplicate. Now
for the magic, press cmd/ctrl d to see a simple
graphic become a beautiful flower.



Reflect n Unite
Alternatively, from step three you could make
a leaf. Select the Convert Anchor Point tool and
click once on the right most anchor point. It will
make it pointy. Now select the releflect tool and
reposition the registration point that appears on
the left edge. Now, while pressing option/ alt click
and drag towards the left, adjust with the move
tool if needed, then use the pathfinder to unite
these shapes. Play around with the pathfinder
until you have a desireable leaf shape.


Drag Anchor Point
Drag right anchor point with the direct selection
tool ( not the black, but the white arrow tool) .
Knowing how anchor points work are very useful
across both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Page 94


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