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Question 1 Reasons for choosing your program and Waterloo (*Required) Please tell us about
your educational goals, your interest in your chosen program(s), and your reasons for applying to
the University of Waterloo. If you have applied to more than one program please discuss your
interest in each program. (900 character limit)

I applied to the University of Waterloo to obtain the opportunity to study an increasingly
developing field of math and science. My main program to study is Systems Design Engineering
at Waterloo. This is simply due to studying a broad range of topic’s which belong to different
engineering disciples and to further develop my analytical skills. I also seek to be able to
implement an ideal solution in which when I am given a problem I tend to look at the system as a
whole before attempting to solve the problem. I believe Waterloo will allow me to innovate and
express my ideas with confidence. Furthermore the Coop program at waterloo will enable me to
gain hands on experience and apply knowledge I’ve learned in the classroom.

Question 1 Engineering Interests and Goals (*Required) Briefly explain why you are interested
in engineering and particularly in the program to which you have applied. Comment, for
example, on your interests and abilities; your career goals; * exposure to engineering through
schoolrelated and other experiences; and discussions you have had with engineers, teachers,
current or past Waterloo students. (900 character limit)

I am interested in engineering because I aspire to improve the lives of others. Systems Design
Engineering is my top choice as it includes a wide range of topics. This will allow me to explore
and expand my interests. I want to succeed in a career where I use engineering in health care and
biological applications. Engineering interests me because it allows me to integrate mathematics
and sciences into technology that will better the lives of others, which is not possible in other
professions. I have been exposed to the field through school and family. I am in the SHSM
program focusing in Information and Communications Technology. This program provided the
opportunity to attend many workshops and conferences, which have nurtured my passion and
formed my interests. My brother is also a Waterloo engineering student, and his experiences have
fostered my interest for the school.

Question 3 Extracurricular Activities additional information (optional) Provide any additional
information about anything in the above table. (600 character limit)

During middle school, playing volleyball allowed me to develop teamwork, leadership and social
skills. My passion and knowledge of the sport allowed me to join the team in high school, for all
four years. I also had the opportunity of coaching younger students and being a referee at various
tournaments. Through these opportunities I developed interpersonal skills that I apply in other
activities. I connected with engineers and learned about the career at two separate PEO events. I
showed my leadership in the Link Crew leadership initiative as well as leading a table tennis

Question 2 Reading Interests (*Required) Discuss a book or a written article that you particularly
enjoyed or that has had an impact on you. Preferably choose a book or article that was not part of
a course at school. (900 character limit)

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