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The right hand side of the beam should like look like this when we look at the PL Load and Freedom Case.

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Solve the Model

Click on the Solver > Linear Static menu. (At this stage you will be asked to Save the file. Choose an appropriate location and save the file)

Ensure that the Load cases to solve are all ticked as above, then click on Solve. (If asked to overwrite results file, click Yes).

After a few seconds a screen appears as below:

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Load Case Combinations

Close this window, and click on Results > Linear Load Case Combinations

Apply the ratio of 1 to each Combination Case. Note that other load combinations can be added, and that the load factors can be changed multiplied by different
factors. The output displays the analysis for each individual case, i.e. Uplift, Pressure and PL, but also the combined effects.

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