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Page 1

II. 651

A ull.'t:hililll 01 ..... tro&ogy 4k
A Mlnual of Hindu AatmIogy J41e
Astnllogy in Pl1..'dicting We.ther &: Euthquakel
Aahtabvarga SY*n'! ol Prediction 8(t'
Aotmlogy r", o.g;nn.... ."..
8havartN Ratnab .. llYe
Craha &. BhaY. BaJ. lVe
Hindu Aattology and ~ Wat 4k
Muhurtha or f.IectinraI Aatmlogy
My Expt"rX' OCl.'S in ~
PI.t'>l'1.iJy InIlUC'rlC'al on Human AI' ..... JlIe
PTaC1kall-lt_ry Aa.lInIogy 4k
Pnllldna Tanlr.J 611:
Raman'" 110 Yl. .. r Ephenw. .... 01 PIanetaty

P!»itiuns (1f'91 to3n:)AD.) IWe
V.-nNphllJ or thr H"indu P,oglCWM:d ~ 1:Ve

l saw al -a52n' 54 -S

U BS Publbtwn' DW:ributora Ltd. •





Page 2

.. hI!


Astrology is the most aoaeot of aU sciences. It is not a
science like Matbematics, Botany. Zoology. Cbemistry or
Pbysic., the study 0 r whicb requires strict adherence to the
world's CODventionalities of commonsense reasooing and ordi·
nary Jogic. Astrology comprehends something higber.
mysterious and suhtle. It is not a mere appeal to tbe rea.oning
faculty of man but it is an appeal to his hidden powers and
capacities. Astrological predictions canoot be simply based
upon .trict hypothetical principles or vague guesses but a
certain amount of intuitive must be brought to bear
upon sucb attempts. The various rules given for future
'predictions are merely intended for our guidance and we must
Jubstaotiate them by recour&e to the study and examination
of a large Dumber of practical horoscopes. CoUect, the
horoscopes of a Dumber of people of all grades, ranks.
temperaments and peculiarities and study tbem in the ligbt of
the principles enumerated io tbe following pages and tben
you will really get some precious intellectual food ror your
mental refreshment and you will be doubtless conv!lii,:cd that
astrology is a practical and useful science.

Astrology relies more upon the skill and intuitive capacities
of the interpreter than upon complicated rulc.. It gives a
sketch of life. It is a mirror in wbich one', own figure is
c learly reftected . Astrology comprehends tbe manifestation
of a sort of relationship among all objects in nature, animal,
vegetAble and mincral. It record. tbe interaction of inftucoces

Page 76

'" Hi.,du Prediclive AnrolOC)'
. S: I,D the course o f a Dua. a planet produces sucb resultl

as It indicate s by ~jrtue o f ownership, association, location
and aspect. For In stance, favourable position of the lord of
tbe 2nd will give good income aod wealth during his Dasa.

6. The Dasa results stand to be modified by the effect of
GocharQ or transiting planets.

1. When LAgna (Ascendaot) is powerful, during theDasa
of lord of Lagna, favourable result s can be expected to occur
-s~cb as ri se in profession, good health and general pros-
perlty .

8. Lord of the 2nd in his Oasa gives wealth.
9. Lord of the 3rd during his Dasa gives new friends

belp to brothers, lea,dership, Hod physical pain (if afflicted). •
',D. If the lord IS ,;eJl placed as already explained above,

he will do good regardmg tbe house or ho uses with wbich he
may h a~e anyt~ing t~ do ~ilber by way of ownership or aspect
or locauon dUring hi S period, while if the lord is weak and iII-
placed, he will inOict misery .

11. The periods of lords of the 5th and the 9th are said
~o. be good, so mu ch so that the periods of planets, which are
J~lne~ or Otherwise related with them, are also supposed to
give rhe to good.

'.2. The general effect of the Dasa (majo r period) get
mO~lfied by the planet that rules the particular Bhukfl (sub-
peClod)_ fn such a case, however , tbe inHuences o f both the
planet~ are to be compounded and the relation between thcm
taken Into account

I J_ During the Dasa period of a malefic planet when
the sub-period of a planet ruling tbe 3rd, the Stb or the 7th (reckoned .from the natal star) is in progress, the subject
will have a period of trial and tribulation .

14. Unfavourable result s will be realised wben the sub-
lord and th.e major lord are situated in the 6th and the 8th or
the 12th and the 2nd from each other respectively.

Result, ('of Dasu ."d Bhuklis 143

IS. The sub-period o( the lord of the 51h in tbe major
period o( the lord o r the 9th or vi"e versa is supposed to
produce good effects.

The!e are all general principles and they sbould not be
applied verbatim . No Dasa can prove exclusively beneficial
or exclusively harmful. For a fuller appreciation sec How 1A
Judge a lIoro.reoee. I give below general results produced
durin g the Dasas and Bhuktis.of different lila nets.

The SUD'S Dasl 6 yrars

The Do 0 the Sun in Aries in dee exaltation. Sudden
gains in catlle and wealth, much trave Ing In eastern
countries, res idence in roreign countries, quarrels among
friend~ and relat ions, pleasure trips and picni c parties' and'
company o f beautiful women. M()O/otrikDna. Birth of
.ch ildren, much respe~. t from high personages, gains in ca llie
and money, acquisition of power and political suc.ct;!I~ .•
Taurus. - Increase in landed properties, (arne amo ng relatio ns
and friends, cultivation o f love and reveren ce for holy people
and sa int s. Gemini.~uch wealth, education. inclination
10 interest oneself in music and such other fine arts, and
generally happy and cheerful. Calleer.-POlitical success,
always gay and happy, travelling in foreign countrie s a nd
increase in lands, bouses and wealth. lJD.. - Respect from
kings and noble personages. righteous conduct, birth or
children a nd respect among children. V;rgD.-Suffering off
and on (rom physica l co mplaints, loss o r cattle, wealth and
house and misunderstandings with close relatives and friends.
Libra. - Reduced to poverty, troubled by enemies, failure in
~talc il\.&s, death oC brothers and. friends and miserable
and~,):n plic;.n t!a life . Scoreio.-Starting D~ sehernes and '
ellterprises, reaHsation o£:.maoy ambitious thj,ags. travelling
in billy ttacts and COWJtrIlCS. Sagiltarius.-Happilless, success


Page 77




" 1

" I

... Hindu Predit::li'¥c Astfology
in undertakings, good healtb, dest ruction of enemies, satis·
faction in every way. Capricorn.-A wandering life, loss of
patrimon y, self· respect and good name, misunders tanding
am ong bis own people. Aquarius.- Ment al worries, 10s$ o r
illness to wife, loss of property and wealth. ~-GajDs
in' wealth . auspicious celebrations, re spect among relatinns,
increase in family members and smooth sailing in every w'!-y.
Sthanabala (Positional Slrength).-Gains from cultivation.
lands, conveyances , general happiness , good reputalio n and
meritorious work . and pilgrimages to ho ly shrine s. Digbola

( Directional Slrength) .-Respect from many dirct,tions, happi.
ness, powe r and pecuniary success. Kafoba/a ( Temporal
Strellgrh) ,- Respecl among rulers, success in lands an d culti-
vation. Naisarg;kabala (Natural S' I'englh j.-Un so licited
pleasures a!ld enjoyment of article s of co mfoT! . pleasu re trips
and ex cursions and much respect. Cllestabala ( Motional
Slrrnglh}.-Birtb of ch ildren, felicilY and harmony in married
life, fin a ncia l gains and success in speculatio n.

Dhj,lklis or Sub-periods iD SUJ!:~lna

The Sun's sub-period-3 months, 18 days .
Unpleasantn ess with relatives aDd superio rs, anXIeties,

headache. pain in the ear, some tendency to urinary or kidney.
troubles, s ickness, fea r from rule rs and enemies, fear o f death,
loss of mo ney, danger to father if the Sun is afflicted, stomach-
ache and travels , gains thr ough religious people, mental
sufferings, a wandering life in a foreign ~ountry .
The Moon 's sub-pcriod- 6 months.

Winnin g fav our from superiors, increase in business,.fresb
enterprises, troubles through women, eye tro ubles, many
relatives a nd friends, indulgt';nce in idle pastimes, jaundice
and kindred ailments, Dew clothes and ornaments, will be
happy, healthy , good meals, respect among rel atives .


Bhult1is in Sun's Dau '"
Mars' sub-period-4 months, 6 days.

Rheumatic and similar troubles, quarrels, danger of
enteric fever , dysentery, troubles to relatives, loss o f money
by thefts or wa steful expenses, failures, acquisition of wealtb
in the form of gold and gems, royal favour leading to pro.~
perity, contraction and transmission of bilious and other
diseases, mental worrie s, danger from fire, ill-health, loss of
reputation, sorrow.

Rahu's sub-period - 10 months, 24 days.
Many troubles, cha nges according to the position of Rabu,

fami ly disputes, journeys, pang o f death , trouble from
relatives and enemies, loss of peace or mental mi sery, loss of
money, sorrows, unsuccess ful in all attempts, fear of thieves
and reptiles, scandals.
Jupi/~r's sub-perlad-9 months, IS days.

Benefits from fri ends and acq uaintances, increase in edu-
cation, employment in high circles, assoc iation with people of
high rank , success through obstacles, birth of a child, wealt h
got tbrough sons (iflhere is ' a son), honour to religiou s people,
virtuous acts, good traditional observances, good socie ty and
conversations, reputati on, gains and court-h onours .

Saturn's sub-periad-ll months, 12 days.
Constant sickness to family members, new enemies,' some

loss o f property, bodil y ailments, much unhapp iness, dis-
placement from home accidents, quarrels with relatives, loss
o f money, disease, lacking in energy , isnoble calls, mental
worries, loans, danger from thieves and rulers.
M~rcury's sub-period-IO months, 6 days.

Gain in money, good reputation, acquisition of new
clothes and ornaments. new education, trouble through
telatives, mental distress, depression of spirits, waste of
money and nervous weakness, no comforts, friends becoming

Page 151



Oraba Yuddba
Hora Sastra
Jyo lisha
Kala BaJa
Kala PUTusha

Katak a
Krishna Paksha
Krura Rasis


M adhyayu

Hindu PreciIcUt'o Attrolom

- Planetary facton
- Planetary fight
- Jupiter
- 1/2 division of a sign
- Sc~ence of Time or Astrology
- SCience of Ligbt or Astrology
- Temporal strength
- Time personified
- Virgo

Doctrine of rebirth or human

- Cancer
- Quadrants
- ..Dragon' s Tail
- State of debilitation
- Dark half of the Lunar month
~ Cruel signs
- Warriors and the second

caste among tbe Hiodus
- Mars
- Aquarius
- Destruction
- A system of mathematics to

abridge calculations
- World
- Middle life
- A celestial force
- Capricorn
- Death-inflicting planets
- Aries
- Gemini

- Salv.a ~ jon or 6nal emancipation
- PosHlons betweeD exaltation

and owo house


)Ddcx of Tec:ImJcaI TenDI



Naraka Loka
Naisargika Bala

Poorva Mimamu SaHra

Pragasthamb a
PraSna Lagna
Prushtodaya Rasis
Rahu Kala
Rajasa Guna
Raja Yoga

- Death
- State of. planet in • friendly

- Election, 6xing auspicious

- Constellation
- Daptising or giviDg a name
- Internal regions
- 1/9th division of a sign
- Debilitation
- Fixed zodiac or sidereal zodiac
- Permanent strength
- 3, 6, 10 and 11 houses
- 2. 5, 8 and I I houses
- Malefic
- Setting towards the west
- State of a planet in the last

degree of a sign
- Wo rld of Manes
- Full life
- A system of Hindu philosopby

dealing with tbe results of
Karma written by Mabarishi
1aim ini

- Setting towards the east
- Horary or question
- Rising sign at tbe query
- Signs ri~ing by hinder part
- Dragon' 5 Head
- Time influenced by Rahu
- Courage and love of arts
- Combination f9t political


Page 152

HIndu Predlctlvo As1toioa).

- Zodiacal sign Rtsi Gunakara
- Zodiacal factors Rupas
- Certain units of melUurc of ,I planetary and house streDgth. Ruthu
- Season

- Planets with tbe MOOD Sani
- Saturn Santba
- State of a p lanet in beneficial

Shad vargas Sarvashtakavarga
- The Asbtakavargas 'of all

plaDcls taken together Sayana
- Moving zodiac Seeghrochcha
- A celestial force SbadbaJas
- Six sources of strength and

weakness of planets I Shadvargas
- Six kinds of division of a sign I Sbubha Lagna
- A uspicious Time II Sidereal Times - Star time or Nakshatra Hora Sirodaya
- Rising by the head-signs , Soumya Ra;;i:1
- Mild signs Srishti
- Creation Stri Rasi'
- Feminine signs Stambhana
- Stagnation Sthanabltla
- Positional strengtb Sthira Rasis
- Fixed signs Sthiti
- Protection Sudras
- F:.rmers-(ourtb caste among

the Hindus Sukla Paksha
- Bright haJf ot the LUnar

mOnth Suba
- Venus

I Tamoguna - Mild nature

Tatkalika Mitra

- Temporary friend



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