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1. Accounting Process of analyzing & interpretation Process of analyzing &
Profitability statement Indicates the amount of profit earned Indicates the
amount of profit earned
Balance-sheet Financial status Financial status
Book-Keeping Books of Accounts Books of Accounts
Financial statement Profitability statement & Balance-sheet Profitability
statement & Balance-sheet

Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question Salary paid to employee amounted Rs. 10,000, transferred to Trading
A/C is an example of_______
Correct Answer Error of Commission

Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question: Labour cost indicates that labour cost which cannot be identified with
the individual cost centre and is incurred for those employees who are not
engaged in the manufacturing process but only assist i
Correct Answer Remuneration
Your Answer Indirect

Question To take make or buy decision under the marginal costing , if purchase
price of the product is less than its variable cost it is advisable to go for
manufacturing proposition.
Correct Answer False
Your Answer False

Select The Blank
Question Over absorption of overheads may take place due to the reasons like
________ overheads being less than the ________ overheads
Correct Answer actual
Your Answer estimated
Correct Answer estimated
Your Answer actual

Question Income received in advance transfer to current liabilities
Correct Answer True
Your Answer True

Select The Blank
Question Bank reconciliation statement is the statement prepared to explain the
________ as to why the bank balance as per ________ and bank balance as
per bank book does not match
Correct Answer reasons
Your Answer reasons

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Multiple Choice Single Answer
A company wishes to earn a 15% profit margin on selling price when quoting for a
job. Which of the following is the profit margin of cost which will achieve the
required profit margin ?
Correct Answer
Your Answer

Select The Blank
Economical use of labour, materials and facilities can achieved with the help of
Correct Answer
Budgetary control
Your Answer
Cost control

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