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                            Shadowrun: Shadow Spells
	The Aboriginal Tradition
	The Egyptian Tradition
	The Norse Tradition
	The Psionic Tradition
Magic Societies
	The Amazing Blasters
	The Codigo 525
	New Labour Movement Party
	The Oxford Grand Lodge
	Treasure Hunters, Inc.
	Rifts and the Guardians of Order
	Creedus Maximus
	Project Wampum
Supplementary Grimoire
	Combat Spells
	Detection Spells
	Health Spells
	Illusion Spells
	Manipulation Spells
Adept Powers
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Writing: Peter M. Andrew, Jr.
Art: Peter Dora, Bryan Syme
Layout: Matt Heerdt
Shadowrun Line Developer: Jason M. Hardy
Development: Peter M. Andrew, Jr.
Art Direction: Brent Evans, Kat Hardy
Proofing: Adam Large, Andrew Marshall

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Connecting to JackPoint VPN...
...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers

>>>Enter Passcode: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to <ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN>

> “There are reasons the Dark Ones share knowledge with humanity.
Think about it.” • Reginald Furrier

JackPoint Stats
Interaction rate: +8%
Posts per hour: –3%
Today’s content quality
(signal:noise): 4:5

Latest News
> Some of the best stuff
is left on the cutting room
floor. – Busty Canyon

Personal Alerts
> You have 19 new private
> Your internal Q score is 62
(up 6 points)
> You have 42 new responses
to your JackPoint posts.
> PDA: Harvest time for
natural midnight clover will
begin in fourteen minutes.

You are visible to your
closest 3 levels of contacts.
Your Eyes Only posts have
been viewed 9 times.
Your Current Rep Score:
218 (52% Positive)

Current Time:
02 Sept 2076, 23:46

Welcome back to JackPoint, chummer:
Your last connection was severed 6 hours, 24 minutes, 9 seconds ago.

Today’s Heads Up
After perusing our Street Grimoire download I noticed a couple of
things were missing. Winterhawk was kind enough to bring us the
rest of the way up to date. – Glitch

> The Matrix has become the home of a number of different

“friends.” [Tag: 10 AIs]

> There are a lot of strange things in the shadows. But you can
always be stranger. [Tag: Run Faster]

> All stories have a beginning. [Tag: Another Rainy Night]

Top News Items
> Independent investigators have confirmed Giatronic’s latest

data from Rory Caolain. The search for the MET2000 members
responsible for the murder of Heinrich Gustof continues. Link

> Knight Errant investigators have been unable to secure evidence
relating to the disappearance of seventeen local youths at the
Shiawase Mall in Tacoma; extraterritorial jurisdiction has thus far
stalled their efforts. Link

> Another bloodless body was found in Atlanta this evening.
Officials are denying any connection to the “Mealtime Killer.” Link

Page 12



> Turning things to crystal is annoying, but at least it’s noticeable.
What happens if they get subtle and try to take over management
of a location by inhabiting the residents or workers? Imagine,
for example, a Knight Errant or Lone Star precinct completely
taken over by these beings. How would their activities change if
they became fanatically devoted to imposing order at any cost?

> Bull

One of the more interesting traits of these spirits is
their tendency to break free of their summoners with high-
er-than-normal frequency. While reported members of the
Black Lodge do not appear to have as many issues as At-
lantean Foundation’s mages, unaligned researchers have
reported their charges were nearly uncontrollable and
sometimes purposefully misconstrued orders.

While I hesitate to consider this group a true threat to
the Sixth World, they are definitely a threat against those
Awakened with whom they come into contact. There is
limited information regarding the group as a whole, but
Elijah and Bull were able to locate data about a few indi-
vidual members that dates back to before the formation
of the organization. With this information someone here
may be able to locate them, but their physical appear-
ance seems to change regularly even when their attire
and gear does not, indicating either regular use of mask-
ing abilities or cosmetic surgery. Also, while we have ten-
tative identification for three members, the other six are
completely unknown. Be warned—they all appear to have
formidable abilities.

While their endgame is not currently known, the group
has continued to track and eliminate talsimongers after
the dragons managed to make peace following the death
of Alamais. They also appear to be operating under a dif-

ferent modus operandi, as the complete eradication of a
target’s family has not occurred to my knowledge. They
have, however, continued the postmortem impoverish-
ment of the target, with electronic funds and portable
physical possessions removed whenever possible.

To date three of their attacks have been recorded and
distributed through newsfeeds, while nineteen others
have not been recorded but seem to match the methods
of the publicized attacks. Their victims are normally con-
tacted anonymously and then frightened enough to leave
their places of safety through threats or minor attacks. The
victim is then struck in transit, often after any other defens-
es are isolated and rendered ineffective. The target’s body
is drained of blood through medical means, and the blood
then transported off-site.

> “Rendered ineffective” is an understatement. I was hired
to provide remote overwatch for a team tasked to protect a
talismonger on a trip to Detroit. The team got hit with seven
spirits once they exited an elevator. The target was whisked
away while they were fighting for their lives.

> Clockwork

> I hope you were paid in advance?
> Sticks

> Only the retainer, which barely covered the ammunition, let
alone how much the destroyed drones cost.

> Clockwork

One suspected number of Creedus, Simon is a troll origi-
nally hailing from Boston. A masked troll with a distinctive
limp was recorded in the newsfeed of the second attack.
He appeared to largely stand to one side, possibly cast-
ing spells to eliminate Richard Malcolm’s bodyguards.
While this evidence is inconclusive, my contacts have
been unable to locate him over the past three months.

> I have an old associate living in Worcester. Perhaps you would
like me to ask around a little for you? Standard rates apply, of

> Red Anya

Prior to his suspected current activities, Simon worked
as hired muscle for the O’Rilley Family. His lack of respect
and manners made it difficult to advance in the ranks, but
his ability made him a favorite for the larger collections. A
police report indicates his limp is the result of a mark fight-
ing back with a shotgun. This escapade earned him nearly
three years in a state prison. All indications are he returned
to the Family after his release, although concrete evidence
has been hard to locate.

Page 13



> The made men I know aren’t talking about him at all. Normally
it’s pretty easy to get a clue or two out of these guys, especially
if it’ll earn you a favor if you handle a problem for somebody
important. I still have to get him some Bruins tickets too—talk
about a bad deal.

> Wise Guy


A physical adept of moderate skill, Georgette was known
to wear red bandanas when she worked the St. Louis
sprawl for her corporate handlers. She also was known
to associate with members of the Vory and indepen-
dent smugglers prior to her arrest and release. Georgette
was arrested shortly after a run against a Renraku facili-
ty, when her face and physical prowess was caught by a
security camera. There have been no public reports indi-
cating why or how she was captured, only that she was
sentenced to a Lone Star facility after being provided a
legal name. Her last known location was Denver, working
as a private security consultant.

> Anyone know her old street name? She might be easier to track
that way.

> Slamm-0!

> Auburn Mayhem; and no, that doesn’t make it any easier.
> Glitch

> Are you sure she has no current contact with the Vory? I could
see them using the civil war as a distraction for money making
and propping up new suppliers in the vacuum.

> Cosmos


9 3 3 7 5 3 4 2 3 6.0 5

Initiative 7 + 1D6
Astral Initiative 8 + 3D6
Condition Monitor 13/11
Limits Physical 9, Mental 5, Social 5
Armor 13
Skills Assensing 5, Arcana 8, Banishing 11, Counterspelling

11, Instruction 8, Japanese 7, Knowledge: Ancient
History 10, Knowledge: Atlantean Foundation 8,
Perception 5, Pistol 5, Spanish 7, Spellcasting 14,
Summoning 8

Qualities Focused Concentration (2), SINner (criminal), Spirit

Spells Analyze Truth, Antidote, Chill, Detect Life, Detect
Magic, Fireball, Flame Burst, Heal, Powerbolt, Resist
Pain, Rot

Gear AR gloves, AR goggles, armor jacket, Erika Elite
commlink [Device Rating 4], ritual mask (Power focus,
Rating 4), gold chain (Sustaining focus, Rating 4)

Page 23



a damaged area. Also, the ritual cannot be successful-
ly performed in an area with a neutral or positive count.
Involved parties must resist Drain and spend the allotted
time like normal, but the ritual is inevitably unsuccessful.
While the ritual is active, plant life appears slightly wilted
and animal life attempts to leave the area, if possible.

COST: 0.5

This power grants the adept the ability to use an un-
trained skill at minimal effectiveness after watching a per-
son or recording of a person using the desired skill. Once
the adept has watched their reference material for at least
one hour, they can use the skill as if they have a skill rat-
ing one. This knowledge remains effective for a number
of hours equal to the adept’s Magic Attribute. The ability
does not provide any Karma assistance in learning a skill
through character creation or advancement.

COST: 0.5

An adept with Eidetic Sense Memory is capable of
memorizing all sensory input, including tastes, smells and
textures in addition to the more traditional visual ability.
The adept is capable of perfectly recalling any sensory
stimulus, or combination thereof. The memories can be re-
called at will. The adept also has the ability to photo-read,
making it a great trick for those Awakened who like book

COST: 0.5

This adept power is used in conjunction with an artistic
skill, such as Artisan or Gymnastics, which the adept must
also possess. This power can be selected multiple times,
with each selection pertaining to a different artistic skill. If
the gamemaster allows, this power may also be linked to
Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts) or Con (Impersonation).

The power permeates the adept’s performance with
a subtle magic aura, mesmerizing observers with the ad-
ept’s grace or skill as the performance unfolds. The adept
makes a test of the appropriate skill + Magic. The adept’s
hits serve as a threshold modifier for any Perception tests
the audience might make during the performance. Audi-
ence members exposed to sudden outside stress or stim-
uli, such as hearing gunshot or suffering an assault, are im-
mediately released from the entrancement.

COST: 0.5

The adept can ignore a single distraction while per-
forming another task. This power negates a single situa-
tional modifier of a value of up to half (rounded up) of their
Magic Attribute. It takes a Complex Action to activate and
may be combined with the Adept Centering metamagic.


The adept has an increased resistance to fear and tor-
ture. The adept gains a +1 dice pool modifier to Opposed
Tests to resist Intimidation and fear-inducing effects or
powers for each level of this power.


This power greatly increases the strength of the adept’s
digestive tract, allowing them to ingest and metabolize a
wider array of substances than the metahuman norm. The
power grants the adept a +1 dice pool modifier on any
ingested Toxin Resistance Test (p. 409, SR5) per level of
the ability.


This power increases the adept’s lung capacity. When
attempting to hold one’s breath, each level of Iron Lungs
increases the base time of holding one’s breath by 20 sec-
onds. When wanting to extend past the base time, each
level adds an additional 6 seconds for each net hit on a
Swimming + Willpower Test (added on top of the normal
15 additional seconds per net hit). So at four levels, the
adept’s base time is 140 seconds (60 seconds normally,
plus 80 (that is, 4 x 20) seconds from the power). Each net
hit on a Swimming + Willpower Test extends the clock by
39 seconds (15 seconds as a base plus 4 x 6, or 24). The
power also adds a +1 dice pool modifier to Body to resist
Fatigue damage from Running (p. 172, SR5) per level.


This power makes the adept more resistant to external
influences. The character may add the power’s level as a
dice pool modifier in tests to resist mental manipulation or
mind control, whether originating from spells, adept pow-
ers, or spirit powers.

Page 24



COST: 0.5

The adept has the ability to accelerate their hair, nail,
and horn growth within the limits of the adept’s meta-
type. The adept can go from short, professional appear-
ance to street chic in a matter of hours. The power also
allows any hair grown to be straight or curly at the ad-
ept’s discretion. Full beards and long hair normally take
six hours to grow, but the growth can be accelerated at
the cost of one unresisted box of Stun Damage per hour
reduction in growth time.


This power allows the adept to sustain a spell in a man-
ner that simulates a Sustaining Focus. The casting magi-
cian does not need to maintain the spell but can transfer
the spell to the adept with a Simple Action, with the adept
providing the mana to power the spell. The spell cannot
be further transferred, even if the recipient has the Living
Focus power. The spell’s Force cannot exceed the adept’s
Magic Attribute, and while sustaining the spell the adept
suffers a –2 dice pool modifier to all actions while they
sustain the spell. Counterspelling the sustained spell is
handled with Dispelling (p. 296, SR5).

COST: 0.25

Maintain Warmth allows the adept to delay the onset
of hypothermia and other cold-related ailments. This elim-
inates any modifiers to the Survival Test due to weather
(see Survival Test Table, p. 137, SR5).

COST: 0.25

This adept power allows an adept to temporarily re-
move selected memories for a predetermined amount of
time with the use of a Complex Action. While the memory
is displaced, the adept has no recollection of the erasure
or its contents, rendering attempts at Intimidation, Inter-
rogation, or mental manipulation spells ineffective, except
for any physical trauma caused. Once the predetermined
time has elapsed, the memory returns.


This power grants the adept an increased ability to
identify illusions and related effects. The adept gains a +1
dice pool modifier to resist illusion-based effects for each
level of this power.


Adepts with this power are banned from Olympic
events, as they swim with the grace and speed of a marine
mammal. The adept’s swimming rate is doubled (p. 137,
SR5), and each hit on a Swimming Test gains an additional
2 meters of distance, 4 meters for elves and trolls.


Rooting allows an adept to become a nearly immov-
able object with a Simple Action. The power provides +1
to the adept’s Physical Limit for Knockdown (p. 194, SR5)
only. It also provides a +1 dice pool modifier to any test re-
sisting being knocked down, levitated, or otherwise being
displaced against their will. The adept cannot move while
the power is active, and she takes a –3 dice pool penalty to
Dodge, Block or Parry tests while the power is active. The
power can be canceled with a Free Action.


Each level of this power gives the adept one extra box
in their Physical and Stun Condition monitors.


Raw, per dram — 20¥

Refined 6 350¥

Radical 8 4,500¥

Orichalum 12 140,000¥

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