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Relative pronouns (who, which)
\~--------------------------------------------------------------o Match the two halves of the sentences. Then, listen and check your answers. 0

o Barcelona is the football team ... a .... which actors and directors win .
• A rapper is a person ... b .... who painted the Mona Lisa .

., A lemur is an animaL .. c. ... who wrote Romeo and Juliet.

e Leonardo Da Vinci is the artist.. . d .... which has got a long, black and white tail.
o Shakespeare is the writer ... e .... who sings on hip hop songs.
o An Oscar is an award .. . f .... which plays at the Nou Camp stadium.

Relative clauses give information about the subject or object of the main clause. They are introduced by the relative
pronouns who and which.


,/ f

We use who for people.
That's the singer. She gave a concert in our town last week . ....
That's the singer who gave a concert in our town last week.

We use which for animals, things and abstract nouns.
Here's the camera. I bought it yesterday. ....
Here's the camera which I bought yesterday.


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2? look and answer.

Who's Daniel?

Daniel s the boy who IS singing.

2 Who's Emma?

3 Who's Terry?

4 Who's Deborah?

5 Who's Fay?


~ look at the pictures and join the sentences, as in the example.

.uesson 19


The elephant is an animal.

The elephant can't jump.

The owl is a bird. The owl

doesn't sleep at night.
The kangaroo is an animal.

The kangaroo can jump high.
1 The .ephant s an a'l 2

which can't lump

The panda is an animal. The

panda lives only in China .


.f\ 4? Complete the sentences wi who which

3 ________________ _

The tortoise is an animal.

The tortoise moves slowly .

Angelina Jolie is the actress _______________ won an Oscar for the film Girl Interrupted.

2 Neil Armstrong is the man first walked on the moon .

3 Cricket is a sport a lot of people in England play .

4 Mr Jacobs is the teacher teaches Geography at my school.

5 This is the jumper my mum gave me for my birthday last year.


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