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TitleSniper Manual
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Table of Contents
Game settings
Role of the Sniper
Movement on Battlefield
Choosing Your Spot
Engaging Targets
The effects of Lag
Stealth and evasion
Weapons and Equipment
Last Words
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Last Words
There are no right way to be a sniper. It is all a matter of experience and adaptability. The stuff I
have written down in this document is merely a summary of MY personal experiences and
preferences with regards to sniping. I feel I have been getting very good results with my ap-
proach, and these results continue to improve, as I myself learn more and improvize. Use what-
ever you find of particular value in this document, and combine it with your very own and
unique way of playing the game. That way you won’t become predictable either, which kills you
just as sure as any bullet. By adopting your OWN approach and LEARNING from your mis-
takes, you will quickly become a capable player and a deadly sniper.

My sincere thanks goes to Jackal:SCW: and J.J =SFG=, two of the best snipers around, who
have helped me with reading and commenting on this manual, as well of all the SAS members,
who I play with every day and in that way help me improve my skills.

Especially DjDeath*SAS* who helped me with the screenshots for this manual and
Blakey*SAS* who compiled it all.

If you have any questions or comments on or about this manual, you can drop by at to post on our public forum and check out our website, or contact me
personally by email on [email protected]

Happy Huntings!


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