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Solids Control,
Pressure Control &
Waste Management

version 5

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Solids Control, Pressure Control & Waste Management – Version 5

“Our Company is committed to continuous
improvement of its global health, safety and
environmental processes while supplying
high-quality, environmentally responsible
products and services to our customers.”

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Version 5 – Solids Control, Pressure Control & Waste Management

Solids Control System
s &

Products: Screens: D

raFlo Com
posite O


Installing a snap-lok Plug
Step 1

Identify the damaged panel. snaP-lok
plugs can be fitted into any location
within the frame except those openings
adjacent to the shaker side walls.

Step 2

Turn the screen
over and lay
the screen on a
flat surface (a
bench or the
floor, for example)
in an area free
of obstructions.
Place the plug

above the damaged panel with the
hollow section facing up.

Step 3

Push the plug in
as far as it goes.

Step 4

Place a second
plug on top of the
first plug with the
hollow section
facing down.

Step 5

Push down on
both plugs with
your hand until the
first plug clicks
into place. If the
plug does not click

into place, use a hammer or a mallet
to tap the second plug. Hold the second
plug in place with a finger to prevent it
from jumping back. Make sure both ends
of the plug are struck firmly.

Step 6

When the plug is
fitted correctly,
the second plug
will sit flush with
the rest of the
frame. Remove the
second plug from
the frame. Once
the first plug is in
place, it cannot be

Non-blanked area: 4.62 ft2 (.429 m2)

Features and advantages
■■ Smaller, more numerous panels
■■ Increased open area
■■ snaP-lok plug-repair system for the

Brandt VSM 300 shaker
■■ Redesigned, interlocking joint
■■ Weighs 16 to 50% less
■■ Improved labeling system
■■ Increased operational life
■■ Lower screen replacement costs
■■ Higher throughput
■■ Quick and easy to repair
■■ Less downtime
■■ Higher conductance rate
■■ Safer, faster and easier to handle
■■ Does not rust or delaminate


Screen No.

d100 (micron)

ASME d50



XR 84 50 308 215 4.13 W300XR084J

XR 105 60 250 204 3.46 W300XR105J

XR 120 70 211 156 3.18 W300XR120J

XR 165 80 181 130 2.47 W300XR165J

XR 200 100 162 104 1.88 W300XR200J

XR 230 120 118 91 1.48 W300XR230J

XR 270 140 110 89 1.26 W300XR270J

XR 325 170 89 64 0.94 W300XR325J

XR 400 200 73 0.68 W300XR400J

XL 84 60 237 208 3.54 W300XL084J

XL 105 70 198 166 2.93 W300XL105J

XL 120 100 162 136 2.34 W300XL120J

XL 165 120 120 119 1.86 W300XL165J

XL 200 140 111 91 1.66 W300XL200J

TBC 52 45 339 352 3.98 W300TB052J

TBC 84 70 221 221 3.03 W300TB084J

TBC 105 100 169 169 2.21 W300TB105J

TBC 120 100 156 156 2.33 W300TB120J

TBC 165 140 107 107 1.57 W300TB165J

TBC 200 170 91 91 1.41 W300TB200J

TBC 230 200 78 78 1.17 W300TB230J

TBC 250 200 69 69 0.75 W300TB250J

TBC 270 230 61 61 0.74 W300TB270J

TBC 300 270 56 56 0.53 W300TB300J

TBC 325 325 43 0.4 W300TB325J

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Solids Control, Pressure Control & Waste Management – Version 5

For NOV Brandt Cobra shakers
The Duraflo* Composite Replace ment
Screens from M-I SWACO, for the
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Brandt
Cobra^, King Cobra^ and LCM-3D^
shakers, provide greatly improved
performance and reliability over
traditional metal-backed screens.

M-I SWACO Duraflo Composite
Screens use a polypropylene frame
with an internal reinforcing cage made
of high-strength steel. This new design
improves solids-control performance
by increasing screen life and fluids-
handling capacity while providing a
screen that is lighter in weight than
older, metal-backed designs. For
adaptability to a wide range of drilling
conditions, Duraflo Composite Screens
are available with XL Mesh, a triple-
layer square opening cloth, and with
patented XR MesH for increased screen
life and capacity.

Because the mesh is bonded directly
to the composite frame in the Duraflo
design, there is no need for a separate
support plate that could detach from
the frame during operation. An integral
gasket on the bottom of each frame
provides an excellent seal between the
screen and the shaker, and the virtually
unyielding bond between the frame

and soft gasket allows the screen
to be removed and reinstalled while
still supplying a reliable seal. These
improvements add up to improved
screen life and savings on per-well
screen costs.

The patented Duraflo design has been
developed over several years and has
proven effective in increasing fluids-
handling capacity on other equipment,
such as the M-I SWACO Mongoose
Pt and BEM-650 shakers and Brandt
VSM 300 shakers. This improved
capacity is a result of increasing
the non-blanked area of the screen. For
the Duraflo screen, non-blanked area
has been increased 20%, allowing finer
screens to be run and improving solids-
removal efficiency.

Lower weight is another advantage of
Duraflo screens vs. metal-backed.
By bonding the mesh directly to the
composite frame and eliminating the
steel support plate, screen weight has
been reduced by 29%. This reduction
makes installation easier and safer.
And, because the frame is specifically
designed to match the overall screen
frame with the overall shaker support
structure, the rigid frame efficiently
transfers vibration from the shakers to
the screen mesh.

On traditional metal-backed screens,
the mesh is bonded to a metal plate,
which is in turn bonded to a steel frame.
A gasket is then glued onto the bottom
of the frame. The result is a screen
made of multiple components that can
fail at any of the bond lines.

On the M-I SWACO new Duraflo
Composite Screen, the mesh is bonded
directly to the molded structure and has
little opportunity for catastrophic
failure. The absence of adhesives from
the screen also removes the chance of
chemical attack on glued components.
The gasket remains in place even
when drilling with hot, oil-base muds,
whereas the gaskets on metal-framed
screens have a history of separating in
this application.

^Cobra, King Cobra and LCM-3D are marks of Varco I/P, Inc.

Duraflo Composite Replacement Screens
Solids Control Systems & Products: Screens

Bottom view of new DuraFlo screen, showing
the soft gasket that is molded into the
composite frame so that it cannot separate
during operations.

Top view of new DuraFlo screen,
showing mesh bonded directly to the
composite frame.

Metal-backed screens are constructed of
multiple components: support plate, steel
frame and gasket; these can separate and
fail during operation.

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Solids Control, Pressure Control & Waste Management – Version 5

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