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Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

“Online Banking System”

Project ByProject By

Syed Awais Kazmi


Noushad Aman


Talal Khan


Supervised bySupervised by

Sir Allah Bux

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1) 1) IntroductionIntroduction::

1.1. Purpose:

The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of the

Online Banking System. It will explain the purpose and features of the system, the

interfaces of the system, what the system will do, the constraints under which it

must operate and how the system will react to external stimuli. This document is

intended for both the stakeholders and the developers of the system and will be

liable for the approval or disapproval of the project by the community of the Bank.

1.2. Scope:

An online banking system will be applicable every where, where banking

exists. It will be more efficient and easier way to have a record on systems through

which everyone can easily access it according to his rights as compared to the

traditional banking system. Every bank will prefer the online banking system instead

of the traditional banking system as it contains many useful features and fastest

methods for the transactions.

1.3. Definitions and Abbreviations:

Following are the definitions for the jargoned words.

TTeerrmm DDeeffiinniittiioonn

SQL server Structure q uery l anguage f or t he d atabase p urposes.
Used to define procedures to store and retrieve data.

User A lay person who needs the system to do his task

efficiently and effectively. An account holder or a bank’s
website visitor.

Collection of all the information monitored by this


PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, A server side scripting

language, is used to connect the html with the SQL

Credit card

Credit holding cards, Buy every thing and pay from the
credit cards. These cards are of each bank and ensure

that the person has an account and balance in the
specific bank of which he holds the card.

Account Teller
Bank staff that provides information about an account to
the user who visits the bank branch physically.

Computer systems Computers, which will be used as clients to access the
server database according to its right.

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3) 3) Balance Balance transfer:transfer:

This system will provide a path to the customer of the bank to

transfer his balance to other account in easy steps. A small transfer fee will be

applicable for this transaction.

4) 4) Online Online record record Entry:Entry:

Bank staff will input and maintain their record online. It will be

easy and efficient for them to serve more and more people in less time

5) 5) Online Online record record search:search:

Bank staff will easily search a record and update it if needed.

Transactions will be faster even physically from the branch because it will be very

easy for the bank staff to check the balance of a specific person and update its

record if necessary.

6) 6) Online Online Billing Billing Option:Option:

Customers will be able to shop online and pay the bills from

their account. A secure way will be provided for the billing. Online shopping will

provide them the easiest way to buy and sell their items.

7) 7) Check Check book book Allotment:Allotment:

If the customer’s checks have been completed, a new check

book will be allotted to him.

2.3 User Characteristics:2.3 User Characteristics:
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2.4 Generals Constraints:2.4 Generals Constraints:
Some general constrain ts should be defined which will

have a great part in the overall succession of the online banking project.

As this system is an online Web-based application so a client
server will be the most suitable Organizational style for this system.

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Computer systems will be needed by each of the actor as well as that user
must be connected to the internet.

So, concisely following hardware will be needed.

1) Computer systems

2) Internet availability

b) Safety and Security:
This Project must be safe and secure because customers

will directly contact their account through he internet. Software will have to

identify the valid customer according to his/her bank details and password.
So it is a difficult task to prevent the system by major disasters by

preventing the unauthorized access to the system.

2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies:2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies:
Following are the assumptions and dependencies which are related

to this online banking project.

1) This project is a stand-alone project so it will not affect the

system where it will be embedded.

2) This project is a web-based pr oject while the staff was

addict of using traditional methods of data storage and

retrieval so they will be trained a bit to jump to it.

3) This system will not depend on any other module. It will be

a web-based so every one will independently contact it.

4) It is will not affect the environment at all.

5) Banks wi ll feel free to adopt it be cause it w ill no t be s o

much expensive.

As this project contains valuable and new features so it will

probably remove the previous online banking systems

embedded in some banks.

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If user’s Cheque book has been finished, he will be able to order a new cheque
book from this module.

3.1.4) Data Dictionary:

Those requirements which are not the functionalities of
a system but are the characteristics of a system are called the non-functionalities.

Every software system has some non-functionalities. Just fulfilling the requirements
of the user is not a good task, keeping the system accurate, easy to maintain,

reliable and secure is also a basic part of software engineering. Online Banking
System must have the following non-functional requirements so that I could be said

as a complete system.

1) Conformance to specific standards:

2) Performance constraints:
This system must be fit according to the performance wise. It should

use less memory and will be easily accessible by the user. Memory management

should be done wisely so that none of the memory part goes wasted.
3) Hardware limitations:

It should be designed in such a way that cheap hardware must be

installed to access and use it effectively. It should be platform independent. There
should be no hardware limitations. In should be designed to work with the low

specification hardware so that it could easily work with the high specification

4) Maintainable:
Each of the modules should be designed in such a way that a new

module can easily be integrated with it.

5) Reliable:

6) Testable:

Not even one system maintains its stability for a very long

period. Every system requires evolution according to the time and fashion introduced
in the market as well as due to lot of competition companies have to change their

system to provide more features to their customers to compete the society.
Following are some perspectives according to which this system can be maintained in

the future. These are key points according to which it would need a great evolution


4.1 Credit Card Management:

Credit cards are the key feature for the online shopping. These

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cards provide the easiest way to shop almost at all well known shopping malls and
many other places. As it isn't so popular in the environment where this system is

going to be installed but it might start working soon when this fashion (Requirement)
will be needed. So it is the basic evolution which might be necessary soon.

As the user interface created by the software designers will be good

looking and easy to use but according to the fashion and time, selection of colors

usually change person to person. Style of the system will become old and it will
surely need evolution to provide a new and cool look to the users.

This system is going to be designed by using SQL server and PHP for
the server pages and HTML for the user interface. As these languages provide much

security in the current situation but According to the most security Issues these
languages might crash or slow down in the future and at that time this system might

be replaced by .net technology for the security purposes because Online Banking
needs more safety and security than other software projects.

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