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for fans of music & those who make it


remembering the georgia theatre>>

the trouble
with tickets
a proposed merger could
turn the whole business
into one giant auction

boston’s buzz
band fights
the hype

(air) guitar
melting faces and
saving the world, one
performance at a time

the aVett
a major band gets
a major label

taking back
adam lazzara’s
new perspective

sister hazel outlives
and outlasts on Release


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July 9, Soiano
- Flew back to Milan. We

decided to forego the medical
emergencies on this flight.

-Set up in the amazing
outdoor venue at the Castle of

- Show was cancelled on
account of inclement weather.

- We decided to get com-
pletely drunk there on the lake
instead. As usual, the night
degraded into talking to our
friends in accents that seem
more like something out of
Star Wars than anything Ital-
ian. Luckily, no one was of-
fended. Cameron kept buying
those beer tower things like
they have in Vegas.

- Night ends with our Italian
comrades singing the theme
song to "Happy Days," and
doing beer tower stands to see
how many liters we can drink
at's sooo cold when it
hits your lips!

tishamingo in italia
tour diary:
This will be Tishamingo's 4th trip to Italy. This time we are here for just two weeks and playing six shows (“breve” tour). We find on

these tours that we usually eat and drink our way through this beautiful country. We also have a little time to explore, drink more and try
not to get booted from the hotel. We are very thankful to have friends and fans in Italy who love blues and rock ‘n’ roll music and always
make our trips over very memorable. On this tour we have Tishamingo and our great friend Jason Fuller, who actually played keys on
our debut album. Due to the fact that the show last night was rained out and rescheduled for Sunday we have only played three shows as
this is written. We are about to head to our fourth show in the town of Traviglio (Tra-vee-leo). Again Graziemille to the wonderful folks
who support us and make it possible for us to play music in such a beautiful and wonderful place. Tomorrow we play on the north side of
Lago di Garda in a town called Malcesine (in redneck it is pronounced Mal chesney). That would have been the end of tour party but we
have a make up gig on Sunday in the Castle of Soiano. This just means two end of tour parties right? By the way, everything in this tour
journal can be accounted for and verified. Some shit you just can’t make up...Ciao!

— Chuck Thomas, tishamingo

July 4, Aosta
- Drove 200km to the

mountains of northern Italy.

- We were told by the pro-
moter that we were incredi-
bly too loud....pretty standard

- At dinner, journalists con-
ducted an interview for a news-
paper. The questions all seemed
to come back to the Allman
Brothers. For ex: “Richard, you
took lessons from Butch Trucks?
Tell us about that.” “Cameron,
do you think Dickey Betts is a
better guitar player than Duane
Allman?” Or even, “Jason, your
uncle was in Canned Heat. Did
they ever play with the Allman
Brothers?” We are still laugh-
ing about the possibilities of
that interview going any longer.
For example, “If Derek Trucks
and Warren Haynes had a baby,
what would he look like? Would
he be a better guitar player than
Duane Allman?”

July 5-7, off
- Ate absurd amounts of pas-

ta and drank lotsa vino.
- Traveled to Lake Garda

(Lago di Garda) one day and re-
acquainted ourselves with cul-
tural customs of women not
wearing tops on the beach.

- Watched way too much BBC.
- Drained the mini-bars in all

of our rooms.
- Late on the night of July 6,

Jess and Chuck got into a mi-
nor, non-violent altercation with
the hotel attendant. We some-
how managed to avoid getting
kicked out. That guy was real-
ly pissed.

- Got completely hammered
at an incredibly packed bar in
Brescia. Learned crude things
to say to Italian women, made
many friends...well, maybe a
couple enemies, too. Cameron
ate two roses on a dare from two
Italian ladies. They then told
him “bye bye.”

July 8, Brindisi
- Early trip to the airport to

fly from Milano to Brindisi (the
southern tip of Italy). Hungov-

- Still hungover, they put us
on the very back row of a plane
that’s sweltering hot and smells
like jet fuel.

- A member of the band (who
will remain nameless) passed
out shortly before landing. He
awoke shaking violently in what
resembled a grand mal seizure.
Other passengers requested
a doctor and the flight atten-
dants pulled out an insulin kit
and a defibrilator. Apparently,
this band member had a dream
that the plane was crashing. He
thought we were going down
and freaked out in his sleep.
Needless to say, the ambulance
greeted our plane on the tarmac
in Brindisi. Phenomenal...the
band has arrived. “What? Ya’ll
don’t like to party?”

- Band member was released
from medical professionals once
vitals come back okay. He was
given a mild sedative, making for
a hell of an afternoon for him by
the pool later on. Rumors have
it that said band member pissed
his pants...really.

- Drive to amazing old estate
that has been turned into a des-
tination they refer to as “Agri-
turismo” or Agricultural tour-
ism. It was an amazing hotel
with a 2,000 year old church on
the premises. Pool was phenom-
enal, placed conveniently amidst
a massive olive tree orchard.

- Show was really fun. It was
an American Music Festival on
a farm. It was also a Sausage seriously, they were
grilling copious amounts of sau-
sage. Okay, there were too many
drunk dudes there as well.

July 3, Casalmaggiore
- Arrived to Italy that morning, show that night. Sort of in twilight

zone due to time change and not much sleep.
- Reacquainted ourselves with how incredibly scary people drive

over here. We came to grips with the possibility that we might not
make it home in one piece.

- Fun show.
- Sang four part a capella “Star Spangled Banner” at midnight for

4th of July....proud to be Americans.
- Richard barfed in his food during a laughing fit at dinner....

A typical day in Italy while we are touring looks like this:
9:56 a.m. - Wake up and head down to hotel lobby. Try to catch breakfast and deeelicious caffe

(espresso) or cappuccino before breakfast ends at 10.
11 a.m. - Following breakfast we get in our Fiat Ducato 8.5 passenger van with “Beppe,” our tour

manager, at the helm and head to the next town. “Beppe” is short for Guiseppe, sort of like Dick is short
for Richard. He is a great tour manager and very kind-hearted. Not quite sure he knows what to make
of us and our antics, but seems to be going with the flow pretty well.

2 p.m. - Stop at Autogrille to grab a small lunch consistiwng of Pasta — they have chefs and full
service restaurants at the rest stops over here! The food is delicious even at a highway restaurant. It
would be nice to have that on the road in the states. Typical lunch on road? Caprese (7 dollar ball of
buffalo mozzarella w/ tomatoes and basil), large plate of delicious pasta, too much bread, large piece of
meat, water and wine — either vino rosso (red) or bianchi (white), depending on the mood. No, we
are not here to fuck around or diet. Finish it off with “un caffe” and then back on the road.

4 p.m. - Check in hotel. Usually the hotels are pretty nice but every now and again we will wind up
in a place where one could contract hepatitis D. What is that you ask? That would be Hep “D”= All The
Above. Ok...they’re not that bad...

6:30 p.m. - Sound check (no load in...sweeet)
9:30-11:30 p.m. - Showtime!
Midnight - Sit down for what is usually around a 2 hour dinner (w/ possible “southern rock”

interview following). The dinners are pretty ridiculous. Our first dinner on our first night here, Rich-
ard our drummer was so full and laughing so hard that he just puked right there on his plate. Had to
include that because it is not something that Richard would normally do.

2 a.m. - Continue drinking, either back at hotel or a bar with new Italian friends. Try to speak
Italian, but the drunker we get we end up sounding like Watto from Star Wars.

???? - Make it back to room hopefully with a few hours to sleep before breakfast.


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Georgia Theatre crowd particle Herring, Rogers and Sipe (2006) Moonshine Still (2006)
classic Theatre crowd RAq wilmot Greene onstage with perpetual Groove Backstage with dubconscious & Grogus Basement, Matt Martin (2001)

will Hoge . perpetual Groove (2006)

“The Theatre was a place of memories and raging good times for many, including myself. It would be hard
to describe my times there in words better than the photos I have captured could. I hope these bring mem-
ories of good times to you the same as they do for myself. Be sure to help resurrect those great times by do-

nating to the rebuilding of the Theatre. Thanks for all the great times and fond memories!”
— Kevin Quinn, photographer —

kris d (2006) Halloween (2006) Box Office line in 2006 Athfest (2006) Bling the children
Back Home STS9 (2002) Moonshine Still (2006) The frequency Tom Hamilton & TAB (2006) . Manchester orchestra dubconscious (2006) The
Les claypool frog Brigade Spam Allstars (2006) Grogus (2006)

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the georgia theatre

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John Jarr

Bruce Bu


Thursday, September 24

Concert 2009

The 8th Annual

The John Jarrard Foundation is a non-profit organization with proceeds going to a permanent endowment fund in John’s
name established at the North Georgia Community Foundation. Proceeds benefit local charities, including the Good News
Clinics, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hall County, Georgia Mountain Food Bank Fund, and one of John’s favorite causes,
Good News at Noon.

John was born and reared in Gainesville, Georgia, and
moved to Nashville in 1977 to pursue a career as a
country music songwriter. Within one year, he began to
experience sight failure resulting from diabetes, and by
1979, was totally blind. When country music superstar
Don Williams recorded John's song, "Nobody But You,"
taking it to the top of the charts, doors began to open.
Over the ensuing years, John's songs were recorded by the
group Alabama, George Strait, Diamond Rio, Tracy
Lawrence, and others, until he had scored eleven number
one hits.

6:00PM - 10:00PM (Gates open at 5:30pm)

The Lawn at Brenau

For Tickets and Further Information:

Check it out at


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Ad Name: Full Flavor
Item #: PSE20089386

Job/Order #:594830-199138

Trim: 8.25 x 10.75
Bleed: 8.75 x 11.25
Live: 7.5 x 10

Closing Date: 1.7.9
Pub: Athens Blur


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