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DR. Raynaud OF SERGE

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First of all you need to know that above our Lodges,
our temples, our Grand Orients and our
Rites, has always been a Universal Address Initiation a
Great Universal Freemasonry or Eastern esoteric, whose
Cons:. Sup. compound true Initiates, receives the line
Policy Saints Shrines own Esoteric to transmit
then through certain intermediaries more bodies
We are sure that most of our Bro. M:. is
admire this, they never having heard of such Address
Superior. As for those who know and who keep
jealously in his heart to be faithful to his promise, will produce
scandal such disclosure. To observe serenity. We can
These new elements that come to reassure them.
All those who like us belong to Sup. Cons:.
From Gr. College of Rites, know that since this has recently
Senior Management, in view of the deformation of the true Spirit
Masonic today, has decided to intervene after nearly two
centuries of voluntary silence, and sent the world a X Power
with the mission to renew and restore the Sacred Word that
disappears more and more of our Temples, giving place to the
ignorance and fanaticism.
Of course there is no question to reveal the name of this
Power as its meaning implies, although it should be
entirely unknown, nor is it to give more precise details on the
Sublime Agency that sends. Otherwise if we wanted to,
We could not do it, a truly Iniciático silence,
preserves all curious attempt profane world.
This Global Management organizes and directs the various
secret societies, at all times has had its ramifications
all countries, allowing perpetuate Initiation Tradition
millennia. The origin is lost in the mists of time as
we will see in the first chapter, but at the same time there has been

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gradually societies formed and separated from it

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As the Great Masters founders disappeared. Not
there already full of such partnerships with the Central Power
Initiator. This is why symbols are identical in
various secret sects. Indeed, the founders have been
different, but above the ritual or dogma that founded and which
consecrated themselves, they all came from the same origins and the same
source of the Sanctuaries.
Disclose the fact that, strictly preserving
secret until today, it is for cosmic reasons just
enter a new era in which much of what was hidden will
be manifested.
The decision of the Universal Freemasonry not only responds
an imperative but also and especially by reason of
The present work aims to open the eyes of the H: M:. about
many confusing and often obscure points of our Order.
We have to emphasize that this book, as its name suggests, has
Color powder and not ignore this fact he will create some
stir in all Masonic media. For this reason we
make a point of paramount importance.
The "average" Mason will experience some difficulties in
understanding of the first chapter, but these difficulties will disappear
quickly and smoothly as it will only be triggered and
teachings that until now seemed to have received a consecration
formal, irrefutable, intangible ...
It is known that all the officers, and even religious teachings
Masonic imperiously argue that civilization, with all
its humanitarian and initiatory profit, comes from the East.
This is a serious error of principle, based on appearances
misleading and very concerning.
It is true that we can now say that in recent
two thousand years the West has lived intellectually and spiritually
based on the East. And the example of the Christian religion
is enough. Indeed, Christianity is a mixture of Zoroastrianism,
Brahmanism and Buddhism. The "Roman" Catholic religion has taken
lent to the old Indian Buddhism: the Mass, the rosary, the candles, the
incense, convents, monks, perpetual adoration, the
chapels, etc .... of Zoroastrianism (Zend-Avesta) has taken hell
paradise, the devil and guardian angels. It is a doctrine
entirely religious oriental origin.

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Universal. The Gavel is the oldest found in the tomb of a Pharaoh
Egyptian Dynasty XVIII century (170 0y.o.) BC

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and compass, to say something unprecedented about these symbols as
known, offer interesting particularities related to its
equivalence with the principles they represent. With the help of a
compass we all know represents the spirit, is plotted
not only the circumference, which is the graphical representation of
And the infinite universe but also with the same opening
compass can build on this circle an equilateral triangle.
Not insist on the value it has for us this figure
geometric, but especially call attention to the fact that
We have thus divided into three equal circumference arcs,
with a value of 120 each, which is equivalent in astronomy
a harmonious appearance. By contrast, the square symbolizing
material, is constituted by an angle of 90 °, which in astronomy
equivalent to a dissonant aspect.
The rough stone is needed for styling the stone
cubic, attracts our attention, not the workmanship symbolizing
improvement to be attained (abandonment of the passions,
loss of atavism, etc ...), but by the graph in which we will
stop for a moment.
The mallet, chisel and square, are the attributes of Ap. And
Each of these tools has a symbolic interpretation, which
corresponds to the qualities called for in this first grade. The
gavel is the strength of the energy needed for the work to be
controlled, and chisel, symbolizing intelligence, helps direct
actions. The rough stone gradually takes shape, thanks to the
Beats chisel gavel on the size (is directed will
for the reason). The squad features righteousness necessary to man
social reforms that ambition and elevated ideals.
The Ap. Comes from a dark world and enters the luminous universe;
this new clarity in your existence is Knowledge. The G to
appears to Partner, is the initial of Gnosis (Divine Science)
Geometry as it is, and it gives you a greater chance to polish
stone. Finally, the Master studies the different projections
of these symbols.
The cube, split or broken into six sides and
they extended on a surface has a shape of a cross, which
immediately reminds us with his arms the action of the four
elements, each other, and the four states of matter.
These four arms of the cross also symbolizes the four corners

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Celestial (cardinal points), the four lunar phases, the four
This letter is the initial of God in English, German, Swedish, Japanese, etc.., And
Genius also, Genesis, and many other attributes.

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Man temperaments (sanguine, bilious, lymphatic, nervous)
the four royal stars marking in ancient Egypt
beginning of the seasons, etc ...
The cubic stone is the symbol of the adept on domain
elements and beings (salamanders to fire, for Gnomes
Earth, Sylphs and Sylphides for air and for water Ondinas). The
four extremities of the cross also represent the objects
indispensable for magical operations: the rod, the sword, the
pantacle and cup
. The two main paths of the cross, are the
sword and scepter (powerful symbols of higher degrees), but even here
means the horizontal and vertical matter spirit.
Finally, this is a philosophical synthesis, which involves a
willingness to act boldly for improvement (is the weight
placed in the balance of free will). Destiny is not a thing
immutable, because otherwise there would be responsibility, so it is
need to KNOW that the designs of the G:. A:. D:. U:. are
impenetrable, but we have a freedom to act in either
sense, we need to WANT to any spiritual food
price; uS necessary OSE in the effort with full
knowledge of the difficult path that must be traveled to reach
Initiation, and finally, you need to SHUT UP about
indispensably teachings and meditate before decisions.
The Bible, the universal key, is an esoteric monument
offers, or prophecies, or basic instructions for the
occultism and Initiation in general. The four big words
quoted in many occasions, are benchmarks for deep
meditations, and found in this holy book passages
corresponding to the choices that we must learn.
KNOW that all things are in a thesis, and antithetical
Review; consult for this the Epistle to the Hebrews, Chapter V,
This is in-game and in-game tarot of Spanish letters is
a derivation of that with its four series: coins, cups, swords and clubs.

Page 127

Page 127
two worlds: the visible and the invisible. The two heads of the eagle
Masonic not represent the two hemispheres in which
Institution must preach, but Darkness and Light which must
get to know, are the two poles of Magic, the power to acquire,
not to abuse but to eliminate the partners in the struggle against
negative forces. The 30th grade is the limit of these struggles, the
These grades correspond to the use of the experience that has
obtained for these efforts, and the knowledge is acquired
then by the Way of Conducting and not by study
After the symbolic degrees (first 3 degrees), the
Chapter degrees (4 ° to 18 °), the philosophical degrees (19 º to
30 °), we are in the presence of the top two grades (three
upper grades).
The Grand Inquisitor 31 grade, especially for monitors that not
abuse exists and must ensure that the laws are executed Masonic
Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32nd degree, used in their
signals passing between the words, the word Shaddai, with which
Flashing their depth knowledge of the Word.
We have already addressed the issue of these Logos (Hebrew Shaddai).
Unfortunately, as always, these terms during the
time, have suffered deformation even in the way of writing
aye, and is just the orthographic form assumes a significance
capital for the values that need to agree.
Shadai, with guamétrico value of 316, is the Shva Vattan-DHA,
is the Vedic Swadha, Isho assimilated to Jesus, who does VERB.
Shadai, also called small Shadai has value
314, which corresponds to 3.14 of course universal formula
Pi, expressing the ratio of the diameter with the circumference. It is in
somehow the key to finding what this unknowable mystery
of creation, symbolized in its manifestation by the circle.
Shadai (Shin-Dalet-Yod) is the protection of the Israelites, is
pantacle as a universal, divine wind that accompanies them.
Finally, the joint response of the sacred words,
32nd degree initiates bring out his magic Saber, through
Name one interpolarización daily deal. The mention of
Prophets of Geniuses, etc.. Attest that all branches of Knowledge not
are secrets to H:. M:., Who have reached this state.
The Grand Inspector General of the 33rd degree, remains the largest
respect for Jacques de Molay. The same battery in this degree, is

Page 128

Page 128

ing eleven strokes, which are made in a way that recalls the
date was sentenced last Grand Master of the Worshipful
The Grand Inspector is received by the Pod. Sob. Great
Commander (which is the First High Dignitary of the Supreme Council
of the 33 who will ask the sacred word, and confirm that
G only. A:. U:. you can understand it. The event is
severe, the newly admitted gained the top step, has seen all
Masonry and meet the Master. In addition, it must demonstrate that its
heart no longer flinches.
Finally, the last three are rather honorary degrees, is the
Initiation crown, the recognized supreme authority, the last
step of this esoteric rise divided into 33 degrees, which
represent all the possibilities of life, all the steep slope
the Shining Path that leads man from darkness
to the sublime glow of improvement. It is a long
way, the stage of the passion to virtue is the way of the
ignorance to knowledge, is the cavalcade begins in the world
layman to conclude in Initiation, in every sense of the word;
that in virtue of which the stone becomes gold, because it has
understood the reality of the universal world. With his face to the
eternity, the Initiate thinks only contemplate the wonders of
Cosmos and live in the blessing of the G:. A:. D:. U:.
Completed in the Summer Solstice 1949, E:. V:.
End of the Black Book of Freemasonry

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