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TitleThe Black Book of Training Secrets (2003)
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                            The Black Book of Training
Keys to strength and size
Evaluation of needs
Training methods
Planning volume
Blocks of training
Planning intensity
Training frequency
Bodybuilding tips
Examples of bodybuilding programs
Example of a 12-week football program
Learning the Olympic lifts
Short topics
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Foreword by Chris Shugart

Editor: Tony Schwartz

Photos: Patrick Lemieux, Jean Boutet Jr.

Page 111


High Performance Training
Football; Level 1

Phase 1
Weeks 1-12

Coach Christian Thibaudeau
[email protected]

Page 112

Introduction and explanations of the exercises

Javorek complex : Five drills performed one after another without any rest. This is a
preparatory exercise complex and is used as a specific warm-up tool and a way to
increase overall muscle mass.

1. Power snatch pull x 6

2. Power clean pull x 6

3. Squat press x 6

4. Goodmorning x 6

5. Barbell row x 6

Page 221

Fitting swinging into a training week

There are three options for how to include swinging training in your weekly routine:

1. Select all three methods and perform each one once per week on different
days. You can add sled pulling on a fourth training day

2. Only pick one of these methods and use it 2-3 times per week after your

regular workouts

3. Select all three methods and perform all three during a special “GPP training
day,” during which you only do GPP work.

All three options will work quite well. It’s just a matter of finding which one suits your
needs the best. If you want to emphasize overall athletic abilities then option 1 might be
best. Option 2 is best suited for individuals who want to specialize in one type of GPP
work, while option 3 is well adjusted for individuals who want to get in good physical
condition while trying to gain as much strength as possible.

But the important point to remember is that this type of special GPP work will make a
better athlete out of you and it will do wonders to help prevent injuries. And that’s a

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