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Expanded 4th Edition

Modern Materials
and Current Codes

All New Guide to
Working with
Gas Pipe

THAN 600,000


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Expanded 4th Edition

Modern Materials and Current Codes

All New Guide to Working with Gas Pipe


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How to Connect Drain Pipes to a Main Waste-Vent Stack

In the basement, cut into the main waste-vent stack and
install the fi ttings necessary to connect the 3" toilet-sink drain
and the 2" bathtub-shower drain. In our project, we created
an assembly made of a waste T-fi tting with an extra side inlet
and two short lengths of pipe, then inserted it into the existing
waste-vent stack using banded couplings. Make sure the
T-fi ttings are positioned so the drain pipes will have the proper
downward slope toward the stack.

Dry-fi t Y-fi ttings with 45° elbows onto the vertical 3" and
2" drain pipes. Position the horizontal drain pipes against the
fi ttings, and mark them for cutting. When satisfi ed with the
layout, solvent-glue the pipes together, then support the pipes
every 4 ft. with vinyl pipe straps. Make sure to maintain the
proper 1⁄4" per foot downward slope in all waste pipes.

In the attic, cut into the main waste-vent stack and install a
vent T-fi tting, using banded couplings. The side outlet on the
vent T should face the new 2" vent pipe running down to the
bathroom. Attach a test T-fi tting to the vent T. Note: If your
stack is cast iron, make sure to adequately support it before
cutting into it (pages 300 to 303).

Use elbows, vent T-fi ttings, reducers, and lengths of pipe
as needed to link the new vent pipes to the test T-fi tting on
the main waste-vent stack. Vent pipes can be routed in many
ways, but you should make sure the pipes have a slight
downward angle to prevent moisture from collecting in the
pipes. Support the pipes every 4 ft.

How to Connect Vent Pipes to a Main Waste-Vent Stack

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169■Plumbing Installations

How to Install the Water Supply Pipes

Extend the water supply pipes to the bathtub and shower.
In our project, we removed the subfl oor and notched the joists
to run 3⁄4" supply pipes from the sink to a whirlpool bathtub,
then to the shower. At the bathtub, we used reducing T-fi ttings
and elbows to create 1⁄2" risers for the tub faucet. Solder caps
onto the risers; after the subfl oor is replaced, the caps will be
removed and replaced with shutoff valves.

At the shower location, use elbows to create vertical risers
where the shower wet wall will be constructed. The risers
should extend at least 6" above fl oor level. Support the risers
with a 3⁄4" backer board attached between joists. Solder caps
onto the risers. After the shower stall is constructed, the caps
will be removed and replaced with shutoff valves.

After shutting off the water, cut into existing supply pipes
and install T-fi ttings for new branch lines. Notch out studs and
run copper pipes to the toilet and sink locations. Use an elbow
and female-threaded fi tting to form the toilet stub-out. Once
satisfi ed with the layout, solder the pipes in place.

Cut 1" × 4"-high notches around the wall, and extend
the supply pipes to the sink location. Install reducing T-fi ttings
and female-threaded fi ttings for the sink faucet stub-outs.
The stub-outs should be positioned about 18" above the fl oor,
spaced 8" apart. Once satisfi ed with the layout, solder the
joints, then insert 3⁄4" blocking behind the stub-outs and strap
them in place.

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The Complete Guide to
Plumbing 4th Edition
Why do plumbing emergencies always
seem to happen in the middle of the
night or on a weekend? If you refuse to
pay huge sums of money just to have a
professional plumber replace a washer
or tighten a nut, then The Complete
Guide to Plumbing is the solution for you.
Within the covers of this newly updated
book you’ll fi nd all the information you
need to become your own home plumber.
Next time you’re faced with a burst pipe
or you decide it’s time to remodel or add
a bath, you can reach for your tool kit,
not your checkbook.


• Thorougly reviewed and updated infor-

mation that conforms with the 2008 UPC

• The most common plumbing repairs

• How to install new plumbing lines—

including gas pipe

• Skills, techniques and dozens of projects,

from replacing a toilet to fi xing a faucet

to plumbing a brand-new basement


Become Your Own Home Plumber

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